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  Looking forward to seeing those ties!
Let me know if you find any black shoes in a UK 9 or some polka dot ties :)   I wish I could thrift myself :(
Let me know if becomes available again, may be interested.
Anyone picked up any decent black shoes in a UK 9? Let me know 
  Oxford would be best, but willing to consider anything smart :)
If anyone picks up some decent black shoes in a UK9 let me know, looking to pick up a nice pair :)
Alright, i'll try pick up a fresh white shirt and maybe a light blue one as well as some simple ties.   I don't own any ugly watches or cufflinks so we're fine there :D   I actually live in the West Midlands so can't really just pop into London but will look online etc :)
  Great thanks, I will see if I can pick up a pair of oxfords from here :)
Hi all, thanks for the replies.   I will be spending 1 day in Corporate broking, 1 day in Research and 1 day on the trading floor.   And yes, it's only 3 days because otherwise I would have to be added to the payroll etc which would cause complications.   I hope to secure longer periods, weeks maybe months with other firms but most want you to already be a University student before they will take you on. This is hopefully going to provide some insight and...
Hi,   secured 3 days experience at Barcap in London in August before I head off to University.   Would appreciate if you could help me in deciding what would be best to wear and offer a few ideas of some staples for any wardrobe.   I really need to get some decent shoes, and is it ok to wear a pocket square?   Most of the ties I own are flashy, would I be better getting some navy staples etc?   Considering buying a new suit since I think the trousers...
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