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 The problem with waist alterations is that the pockets will look weird and out of proportion. Best to buy a new pair if you lost weight.
 You can go to Hong Kong and pick up a few yards.
 There's a Levi's outlet store in Alphaland Southgate Mall. They can slim down the leg but not sure about the waist. Best to buy jeans that fit well off the rack as there are plenty of choices out there.
Look for worsted cloths with a fine, smooth and crisp appearance. If you need more info check out my blog or PM me.
 Agree that sending it would cost a lot. On the other hand, selling a relatively unknown brand in the Philippines will be extremely difficult. Only a handful of people here are familiar with Meermin.
 Why not just return them and have them exchanged for a larger size?
 Why are you selling them? It would also be better if you can post photos and reason for selling.
 Best to email him: whiteplanesworkshop@gmail.com I'm looking forward to it. Not sure I would want to personally spend for a shootout.
I hope you guys can join the next Menswear Syndicate Meetup on January 14, 2014 7pm at Torch in Greenhills. For more information please click here.
 White Plains. I would go to Tino for suits but not for shirts.
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