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Maybe just a factory outlet thing?  
I run 12D on the 7 last macneils.  I also have Bayfields on the 1 last.  No problems on the MacNeils-- perfect fit.  The Bayfields were a bit tight all around, but have since stretched enough to be comfortable.  Slight difference for me, but not much.  
Lombard's are in the 2 last, I believe-- I had the same issue with Players, also in the 2 last.  I ordered them in 12D, and since I got them at Nordstrom's (who have a very liberal return policy) I tried them for about 6 weeks, but they never stretched in the toe box.  They kept pinching my little toe.  I even had the guys at Nordstroms try stretching them. Nope. I had to return them.  Don't bank on them stretching.  
Looks like walnut in the vamp and quarters and dark brown or merlot in the wingtip and eyestays.  
I think the $35 off for donating shoes ended on the 4th of March.
That's it, pretty much.  Shoebank at allenedmonds dot com.
These actually seem to fit the best so far-- I'd say fairly TTS. But it's my first time with the 7 last.  I've done the 5, 3 and 2, with the 5 and 2 not giving me the best fit.  
They were discontinued seconds.  They were selling them first quality earlier on for $175.  Yeah, they came with the tan laces, and I may put those back on-- but they felt too casual, too much like a bowling shoe.  Here's a pic that someone else posted:   I need to fill a spot in my wardrobe that's a tad bit dressier.  
Got my distressed brown MacNeils the other day ($129).  I like them so far.  They came with tan laces, which I wasn't quite happy with, so I replaced them with what I had on hand-- black laces. Does the black look alright, or should I really get some brown laces?     My Bayfields, which were backordered, are now on their way!
In the picture, the streaking is very noticeable.  I'd return them.  
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