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Woodlore/Allen Edmonds trees for 12s.  Maybe I'm not jamming them into the tips good enough?
So, my problem with toebox creasing.  I'll start with the good ones. Above are my Mctavishes in 12D.  Creasing at a minimum, small crease in leftfoot toe box. But I'm happy here. Chesters in 12D.  No toe box issues. Great shoe!  (I know-- who needs 2 pairs of black wingtips? Apparently I do.)  And no trees in them right now because I just took them off briefly to take this picture.   MacNeils 12D.  Creasing like crazy.  Toebox on right foot collapsed at...
Yeah, I'll post some after Easter.  It's been frustrating dealing with it.  My Bayfield boots are creasing everywhere, and the Mcneils feel great but developed a concavity in the toe.  The others I've had no problems with.
I have one of those weird sizes where the ball of my foot to the heel says I'm a 12 while the length says I'm an 11.  So I usually find 12s are a better fit for me.  The only problem is that I tend to get creases in the toebox because of it.  I'm trying various counter measures, though-- such as stuffing the extra toe space with newspaper.  Seems to work so far.
So, was wondering what everyone's favorite last is.  I've become familiar with the 1, 2, 5, and 7, and out of all of those, the 5 seems to be the best fit for me. Black McTavishes-- they feel like silk all day.
It's just like the Dalton, but darker with mini lug soles?  Or is it on a different last as well?  
The Players and Lombard in Walnut are probably closest.  If you want a balmoral instead of blucher, then go with McAllister or Jefferson in Walnut.  But be careful with the Players and Lombard-- they're on the 2 last which runs pretty narrow.  If you can, get fitted for them first. Mcallister and Jefferson are on the 5, same as the Elgin.  
Any particular reason why they made the shell Dalton's without lining?  What's the overall effect of doing so?  
$299 is for seconds, and right now they seem to have very limited stock.   
Do we have definite confirmation on the sale on shells?  Through all the factories?  I'm overseas, so i can't really put a phone call in right now.  But I'd love to snag something while I can.
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