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Sorry to resurrect this thread from the dead, but I had to note that this is a great story and one that I will use as I raise my kids.  Thanks.
What is the worst pair of AE shoes in your collection?  I have some Burgundy Bayfields and some special rough leather Macneils.  They're comfortable, but they developed creases in the toe cap area-- so I generally use them as my beater shoes.   The others I have-- Walnut Cliftons, Walnut Shell Daltons (much darker than calf Walnut), Black Mctavishs, and Black Chesters-- are all wonderful, and I'd probably rank them in that order too.  I've had those Cliftons for a...
So I got my Shell Cordovan Daltons this week.  They were seconds, and I was on a waiting list for almost a year for them.  I got them at an unbelievable price-- $299.  (I locked in to that March 2012 price) Overall, I am incredibly impressed.  They are extremely lightweight, soft, comfortable-- cordovan is such a wonderful leather!  They are supposed to be seconds, but I was hard pressed to find why.  Maybe some evidence of mis-nailed heels?  They're on there solid...
Those look great! Yes, the Daltons in Walnut.  They will be my first shells. And, man, do I love boots! Those burgundy ones are quite nice too.
Anyone have any shell Daltons?  I have a pair coming my way.  Wonder if you have any pics, or thoughts on the fit and how they've held up.
Has anyone gotten a hold of the Norwichs? I tried them in store once and was smitten.  But I couldn't bring myself to pay for them at full price.  Plus, I'm not even sure when I'm supposed to wear monk straps.
Any thoughts on the new webgems-- the Kasmuk?  I kinda like the brown and olive ones.  And they're long wings in the 2 last.
Got my Cliftons today.  Was worried that the 8 last would be too much like the 2.  But, so far, so good.  They're snug, but there's been no experience of crunching or slipping.  And they're seconds, so they have a dime sized exception on the side on the uppers-- nothing else that I could notice.  Gives it character.  It seems like a good fit and a nice shoe.  They aren't bothering me like the Players were.
Rolled.  That's a good way to put it.   Here's the way I see it: the shoe can crease any way it wants to, as long as it doesn't touch the toebox.  Once it does that, as far as I'm concerned, the shoe looks bad.  
No, the trees can't quite go all the way into the shoe.  They sort of bottle neck at a certain point.  I'd love if they could go all the way into the tip.  Maybe I'm not putting them in right?  I'll experiment some more, but it almost seems like you need to have a tree that's custom built for your size and last to do a good job.
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