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No fire intended, but I seriously hope Jompso is simpy Frenchy's erudite brother.  That last selection is dinive.  Inis Meain is a score anytime, anywhere.
 I'll give a second for Panache.  Great fit, durability, and the patterns each season are on point.  Really nice people run the joint as well.
 That.is.insane.  Private White VC is rare even in retail stores.
Eazy, thanks for the kind words. Sick haul as always. That wings and horns zip cruiser is dope as hell. I really want to go visit the Dehen factory in PDX, Nat. I'll shoot some pictures over here if I roll through.
Corporate. Customer Service for now...then who knows?Hah, we'll see what I'm allowed to blab about!Nat, I figured you'd be stoked!!!
Hey guys, haven't thrifted in a year and a half or so. I did however just get a job with Filson in Seattle so in some way clothes are now my life once more.
 Me likey.  Now go forth and find me some 1960s Duofold Model 701 loopwheel short sleeve undershirts.  Preferraby in a size 36 or 38.
 Light wash jeans have been trending for a couple years now.  Surely you saw something about the APC x Kanye capsule collection.  Personally, I think it's weird for a 20-something to wear a three piece suit and cufflinks on a regular basis, but hey that's me.
 Congrats dude. I've not had much luck in the Aurora area.  PM me and I can give you some hints.
I was gonna say holy shit re: the York St. samples.  But Mainy...DAMN.
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