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Ok y'all, long time no talk... I'm in kind of a bind and need a very specific piece for a wedding I'm in. Does anyone have kicking around in their closet a medium (38-40" chest) brown tweed vest? I like the styling of the J Crew Ludlow Moon cloth vest as an example. Feel free to PM me if you have any leads! The wedding is in two weekends, so I hope I can find something very soon! A pic of the J crew jammer for reference:
lol, can we just change Jompso's handle to "tl;dr" ?
 Hey, he's going to need that back!!
  Filson and Nordstrom are both from Seattle and Nordstrom sells plenty of brands that have an exponentially higher pricepoint (the Seattle flagship sells Rick Owens, Givenchy, Thom Browne, etc).
 Yep, I work in the product engineering department. 
 No,  Black Label was NGF sometime in 2012 I believe.  Red Label in 2013.  I really wish we did more collaborations, but right now only the C.C. Filson (Nigel Cabourn) collab is active.
Been had current season grails. (Consignment, not thrift.)
I sold my old Brooks saddle to Justin Saunders.  Am I famous yet?  
 I think his posting that was more of a humblebrag.  Veilance anything is 1.5x the cost of mainline Arcteryx, so the swag factor keeps him warmer than normal.  If you want to go crazy and search for a grail, here ya go: http://veilance.arcteryx.com/product.aspx?language=EN&gender=mens&collection=Veilance_Collection_Fall_2014&model=Patrol-IS-Coat
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