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 Yep, I work in the product engineering department. 
 No,  Black Label was NGF sometime in 2012 I believe.  Red Label in 2013.  I really wish we did more collaborations, but right now only the C.C. Filson (Nigel Cabourn) collab is active.
Been had current season grails. (Consignment, not thrift.)
I sold my old Brooks saddle to Justin Saunders.  Am I famous yet?  
 I think his posting that was more of a humblebrag.  Veilance anything is 1.5x the cost of mainline Arcteryx, so the swag factor keeps him warmer than normal.  If you want to go crazy and search for a grail, here ya go: http://veilance.arcteryx.com/product.aspx?language=EN&gender=mens&collection=Veilance_Collection_Fall_2014&model=Patrol-IS-Coat
 If you take a look at the "seattlegoodwill" feed on eBay, you'll get the idea that there is a lot of talent now employed by Goodwill to sift through the donations and identify the valuable items.  I don't know if anyone would be keen enough to spot this sweater amongst a stack of musty clothes, but certainly any coveted, labeled piece seen on our now famous thread, as well as electronics, housewares, furniture, etc will be spotted and never hit the store.  And the stuff...
 The folks that make our Mackinaw Cruisers are 50 feet away from my desk and I assure you that I can hear them bantering and laughing on the line and during their regularly scheduled lunch breaks.  They don't seem overly stressed and are paid a fair, union-represented wage.  I'm not sure you're going to get that kind of clarity from, for example, a Brooks Brothers product engineer as even their USA-made products are made nowhere near where their corporate employees...
 We've consistently been bringing more and more production back to the US since the Bedrock acquisition.  My personal stance is that it's how, not where, a product is made that is most important.  If it's made out of top quality material and with a skilled hand, then you have a great product.  I'm not sure if any shirting is coming back to the US at this point.  It's mostly due to the fact that our very old machines, which are fantastic at assembling Tin Cloth and Mackinaw...
I live in Seattle, so I'm going to watch the Super Bowl in its entirety for the first time in 5 years.  I watched the first 5 seconds last year, where my then home team Broncos let us all down in spectacular fashion.   I'm a full time employee of Filson starting Monday, so if anyone feels like popping bottles tonight or tomorrow feel free to spill some of that bubbly for me.
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