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 Me likey.  Now go forth and find me some 1960s Duofold Model 701 loopwheel short sleeve undershirts.  Preferraby in a size 36 or 38.
 Light wash jeans have been trending for a couple years now.  Surely you saw something about the APC x Kanye capsule collection.  Personally, I think it's weird for a 20-something to wear a three piece suit and cufflinks on a regular basis, but hey that's me.
 Congrats dude. I've not had much luck in the Aurora area.  PM me and I can give you some hints.
I was gonna say holy shit re: the York St. samples.  But Mainy...DAMN.
 Take her to a Goodwill Outlet and show her all of the clothes that are flying off the shelves into the hands of the less fortunate.  Once they've been bricked and dropped off in Africa because they sat on the racks for weeks here in the US.  [[SPOILER]]  This is the stuff dreams are made of.
 Not sure how rare it is, but this is referred to as rain camo.  Currently in vogue.
 Love my Holubar stuff.  I'm really anxious to see the newly re-released product made and designed in Italy.  
 Thrift find of the year.  Lock it up.  For real.  Fuck.
 Holyshitthriftprices? Unbelievable.
  They had a grail shirt, you bought a grail shirt.
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