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Three more online stores to add to the Raf stockists list -   Autograph   Colette   Selfridges
As people have noted, there were three versions of the chain derbies: with a flat chain around the welt, with a 'standing up' chunky chain around the welt and with chain around the toe only. They were all available to buy in the showroom in three chain colours (gold, silver and black) so all have gone into production in theory, but most retailers seem to have chosen the flat chain version. Oki-Ni and some of the more "out there" retailers may have ordered the chunky...
I *think* Raf did skull accessories before McQueen became synonymous with skulls. As I said in the post, the skull key rings, pendants etc. are re-issues of styles which he first showed around 2002 ?   McQueen skull mania kicked off around 2006-7.
Close-up pictures of the FW12 collection from the showroom are on my blog here.
The metallic jeans were FW07 Raf by Raf, Seven New York had them in about 5 different colour ways at the time. They pop up on Yoox / eBay / Yahoo Auctions Japan from time to time, but they were not repeated for later seasons. If I remember correctly, there was an issue with the metallic coating rubbing off.  
  Raf by Raf never had dates on the labels.    
It's a shame they stopped putting the date/season underneath the RAF SIMONS on the labels. Retailers requested this, so they would have more leeway with selling stock at full price that is no longer *ahem* current season. The date is great for identifying the older pieces, but Yoox pointedly does not display the labels - even though everyone knows their game is selling old stock. It makes me laugh when eBay sellers carefully fold/conceal the label so you can't see the...
The last rumour I heard, from someone who works at another LVMH/Dior group fashion house, was that he (or whoever else is chosen) would be given the title of (overall) Creative Director, including Dior Homme - although the implication was the relationship with the mens would be like Alber Elbaz - Lucas Ossendrijver at Lanvin / Marc Jacobs - Kim Jones at Vuitton rather than one designer being solely responsible for both men's and women's.
Great idea for a thread!   A few Raf-related things I might be able to clear up..     Because something is featured in a magazine editorial it does NOT mean it has been put into production and will hit the shops, because magazines shoot the sample collection (basically the same clothes that appear on the runway) and they never bother to check if the things they feature will be available to buy, partly because they always shoot 6 months in advance of when...
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