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Keep or sell?   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks.   J. Lindeberg Filippa K random korean brand from eBay Yves Saint Laurent
  First WAYWT...
For some reason the shoe cream (Woley) won't stay on the right shoe. I wiped that particular spot with just regular water (did it on both shoe), this was two days ago and it still won't work. It worked fine on the left shoe. Anyone who knows why, or how to make it work? I already know these glued shoes aren't the finest quality out there (Acne), but I might as well try get some wear out of these. Thanks in advance.
    Crappy quality pictures, but sandpapered them like mad and then put some black shoe cream on. I've used them maybe 7-8 times since (they were unworn here). The few white spots on the shoe and the white near the sole is almost completely gone now. I'm happy with how they turned out, since I pretty much got them for free it was either to sell for like 20 bucks or this.
  Opinions on the fit? It's the J.Crew Bayswater in XS with a t-shirt under .. Should I shorten it a bit? Keep or sell?   As for the Hello Kitty on the shelf, I shot these in my lil' sis room.
Been looking for a pair of black side zips, should I get these?
  Suede YSL
  They say Made in Italy.
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