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  There's a difference in reasonable and prudent speed and reckless 145+ MPH in traffic...
I understand that... Hence why I said today, I would consider lowering the governor because how fast it can come up. 100 MPH is nothing on an empty road in a Corvette (can hit 60 in first gear) but if I don't realize it the car can slow down before the ticket price is increased and the danger of someone else becomes a risk.
I don't see the point in taking the limiter off on a car in America... More so if the car is driven on the streets. Speed limits are low, people can't drive. Occasional 110 MPH run on a flat clear road is enough to land you in jail... 180+ is needless and I can imagine all the shit they can hit you with. I would not be surprised after being nailed you would loose you license for a good year.   I even took a few of my cars to the track and hit the governor at 155 MPH,...
I am pretty sure a Honda Accord EX would last 10+ years if taken care of... BMW and Merc are built on luxury and gadgets today, not built like a tank pre 90's. I would probably only lease a German car. I still have my parents first computer, Packard Bell with a Pentium processor. Monitor, speakers, and everything works flawless.
I am find with average Joe financing a Honda/Ford/etc for five years, it creates jobs and all in all good for the economy in number of ways. Not everyone can work on a car and likes the peace of mind. But I really hate Joe wanting the newest model, because its trendy and they just role over the negative equality into a new car. Keep the car for 10 years and take care of it... I think this is truly important if your the average American who apparently make $25,000-30,000...
Blue skies and sunshine, may ride down to the beach and knock out one of my classes.
I hope you have insurance... I gave my first b/f in high school home made egg rolls and some other Thai recipes I learned from my grandma. Well he through the the frozen egg rolls in the deep fryer and burned the kitchen down at his house. His parents where livid and even told me I could not give him anymore food.
Fire department come to the rescue?
I really like the Porsche keys, looks like a little toy car.
Well that crash did not stop my need for speed right away... It did calm me down and I drove a bit more normal, still like an ass. After I parted the Trans Am out I bought the Vette and done more then I wish I did. Funny enough after loosing a good job and money was going away, then turning 20. Reflecting back and saying damn, I need to get school and stop being an idiot. Fast cars and driving like an idiot is not everything.
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