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Classy, pure and simple.
I am find with speed but, again, within reason. I think the national speed limit on interstates with sections of little to no exits should be 100-110 MPH, with minimal speed of 65-70. But merge the hell over should be strictly enforced. Along with the driving test being more strict and test on reaction/ability. While you maybe a good driver, then general population clearly is not.
My mother said my stepfather (Her on and off again husband...) just bought a 2006 Corvette Zo6 with 10,000 miles for $32,000. Traded his VW CC for it. Shes going to take pics this weekend.
  While it seems the majority of the cops I been stopped by, seem under educated and a bit abusive (I am sure there plenty of good ones). I don't agree with you, not if its going to put others in danger.
 (Corvette playing with Police)   ...
Just curious have you or would you run from the police, If they caught you at reckless speeds?
Possibly... I have never looked into leasing. But I would do what ever makes financial since. Loose as little money as possible to drive some truly awesome cars. Yet having a new fun car every 2-4 years. I could not find much info on Porsche lease, but $4999 down and $865 a month. Probably cheaper a way to do it. Nelson Cambata founder of Starport (part of Cambata Aviation Group), would go through Lambo and Ferrari every 6-8 months. He even owned a Bugatti at some point....
  I guess there's no convincing you... I just hope it does not take killing someone to teach you a valuable lesson. Not saying you are going to wreck, but why take the chance?
I am the type of person who would buy a new Miata (Don't intend to have kids, as in impossible) for a daily driver and drive the wheels off it. Then lease something cool, like a Porsche or Ferrari for Friday-Saturday. But Merc/BMW repairs/services can cost allot for how fast they depreciate, I see hard to buy one and I love the SL.
Wait, so you only haul ass when there's no cops present? Yet its find in traffic test driving an unfamiliar car? That's cool dude...
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