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I think with your current savings and what you predict to save by the end of the year. It's not to unwise to buy a $20,000 car, you deserve it. Craigslist, Auto-Trader, and eBay are all good places to look. I take it you probably don't know much about cars but the easiest way to check over a car without getting technical. Look for car history on Carfax or Autocheck websites, but not all accidents are reported (Unless police report or insurance). Look for car maintenance...
I was homeless before, it was kinda fun. I'd do it again.
This is also true.
Money is important to some of us, more so if we work hard for it and don't have much instead. 
  I agree with this and in my book a $100 is a good way to test the friendship.
Okay, I will use my previous experiences as an example: I had a family friend who needed some money, hes like a brother to me. I did not question it, but it was $1,000. I just reminded him it was a lot of money and I will need it back someday. Well a couple months latter I really needed $350. Well we got together with some friends and I pulled him to the side and let him know the situation. He said,"No problem, meet me for lunch on Sunday. I will get the money somehow....
Well it sounds like Friend B is trying to pay him back, IDC where he got the money from as long as its legit. But Friend A seems like an ass whole.
  This is my thought, I personally would not consider Friend A a friend. Friend B, IDK.
  He also took student loans and credit card to fund his investments. You can pull this up, in this thread from about a week ago.
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