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I kinda like it, but I have a feeling the colour would have to be seen in person.
From what I hear Japans luxury cars are cheap to insure compared to Germans.
Thinking back... My parents had two houses, one was in the middle of an orange grove with lots of land. My stepfather and I use to shoot rats with a .22 Cal. He even had me go up in the attic and shoot them, stupid thinking back. But after a while it was cleared up and ready for rent.
I probably would with a BB gun, but a handgun I think would be herd... Ducks do taste pretty damn good.
I researched them allot when I was 18 and got my first sports car... At the moment Valentine One was the best, I don't recall why at the moment. But something about it doing all frequencies and front/rear sensors.
While that's a nice car and I am not one to be afraid of miles. But for that price and miles, I would be look else where.   As for cash, I still feel the power is more in your hands. Lots of people credit is shot and/or unemployed. I see lots of cars sitting at the lot. With cash your not dependent on a loan and if they want a fast sell they will work with you. If not make an offer your willing to pay (within reason) and the worse they say is no. I watch my...
Damn ducks coming up on my balcony, shitting everywhere, and pecking at the glass... I just want to shoot one so damn bad and throw his ass on the grill. But living in an apartment, I can see the cops coming and my ass in jail.
Yea now Westside has JV working for him to pay off that 10 sec car JV owes him.
Nah... JV was double clutching when hes not so post to. Amazing he did not blow the welds off the intake manifold. But he did loose his floor boards.
I put a nice detailed post in the thread on page 4,"Is it legal to sleep in your car." Pretty detailed post on what I done in the past and how.
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