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This assignment from an instructor, who has yet to grade any assignments after a month!   "Imagine that you are now 75 years old and celebrating your long and full life. The local newspaper would like to feature an article about your accomplishments. What would the article state? Write a 1 page article of what you want stated describe all your personal and career accomplishments. *This can be written in first person or third person format -----be very...
The IS felt slow and soft for what is so post to be a sporty sedan... My biggest complaint is lack of room for the rear seats.
How do you even pick a dry cleaner? I am moving back to Orlando so if you can just recommend on there if anyone knows a good one.
JV=Troll... Hes winning our attention.
I did Valentine One. A few other did as well... My advice just don't buy a cheap one, spend some money on one for quality. But after a while there pretty much the same I imagine (not sure, been a while since I had one). I know when I did allot of research GPS technology was starting to come out for them and probably would help reduce a lot of false positives. False positives can happen from another radar detector or sliding glass doors.
He looks like the guy (when he was younger) who got my mom and grandma in the country, who was also an accountant. 
Corvette is way cheaper to insure for me then a Trans Am. The Trans Am was cheaper to insure then my Acura. By what the old men buy not us young guys.
I feel like a middle aged man already and I am only 21. I hit on a few guys at a club around my age and one of them replied,"Sorry sir, I don't have daddy problems." WTF... I also have trouble a few times lately holding a boner, but I think that has something to do with the stress and depression at the moment. I also been sleeping allot lately and tired, so IDK.
Retirement is one be long weekend till death.
Sounds like an orgy that went wrong.
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