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  What's that about 10-12 pages? Have fun! I think the most I every written is about 6 pages back in high school.
Most of the other instructors have been mediocre. This one gives me the impression, she is here to collect an extra pay check through online studies... I am slightly worried about my grades. Her instructions can be badly worded with spelling errors. While I feel my work is good, I am still worried. Thankfully the two quizzes I took, I received an automated score of 90 and 80 (The 80 should be a 90, I have the correct answer according to the book)... My English class I...
Finally herd back from the instructor...       It's been about a month from the time this course started. None of the other instructors had any problems with the system. She never answer my e-mail or phone calls, and this is the generic response we get? In the discussions students are taking this class as a joke... Good reflection on the "Professor", she demands to be called...
I am poor and done with my family, holding me back. Step siblings also won out... But I don't care anymore, more motivation to create my own wealth. Even if that means after my current lease living in a van to help fund my education.
I don't like people who beg for shit.
  +1... I am currently looking for a Van to live in. No student loans for me. I want to be debt free with a healthy savings by the time I graduate college and move to NYC. I like this OP, hes got a good head on him.
I hate people who steal shit...
Finished... I am probably going to drop this class. As it's not a requirement, just recommended that all new students at Valencia take. So far the class is bullshit and the instructors directions are usually not very clear with grammar and spelling errors (Pretty bad if I can spot them and I am weak in this subject). I have still yet to receive any grades or feedback after nearly a month or have any e-mail/phone calls answered.
Hmmm... I only have 3/4 page of bullshit. I find it stupid to write about accomplishments that have yet to happen by the time I am 75. I will just be happy if my career goals are met and by the time I am 45 have a nice condo paid for. Maybe from the age of 40, be nice to have a new Corvette every 10 years. I don't want kids and pretty damn impossible to have one. Plus I assume on tapping some strange for the physical happiness. I am more happy alone then in a relationship. 
Half way through it, bitch is going to be mad... I found out she was a big 99% pusher. So for icing on the cake,"He left all assets to his beloved bank."
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