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I am not happy with mine, sending it back soon...I made a thread about it while back, will update it tonight after I reply tour PM.
First Sir F, now JV?
Sister called at 6:48 AM. Normal convo at first, ended with me ranting about life and current events stressing me out. Good 50 mins essentially saying our family is shit (mostly mother and our aunt) and tired of the back stabbing ass wholes stealing. Felt good, no more bottled up pressure feeling... Past few nights I could only get 1.5 hours of sleep each night. With that said, going to bed!
Yes they are...
Looks very tasty... But that fat ass in me, says that's not dinner. More like a afternoon snack or lunch.
Congrats! Can't wait for my turn, many years to come.
Buy a used one, just make sure it's the most up to date model. All V1 can be updated at cost, check there website for more details.
Sick... I just ate dinner.
What I quoted, was copy and paste, with out edit... The class is Student Success SLS-1122. Not required, but highly recommended for new students attending Valencia. The class is nothing but a joke. Take some personality test and for a grade submit a paper on what you discovered and how you will use the discovery through out college... Most of it is common sense.
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