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Thanks, I always forget about Autotrader for bottom of the market. Looks lovely and will check into it. I know Volvo's are reliable. But how are parts availability and cost? Are they easy to work on?
Really? I have worked a decent job at some point in my life and what I consider an investment account is not very big... If you go back to the Bentley conversation, it was worth about $10,000. I could spend more then $1,500 on a car, but I don't see why when I only want/need a car for the weekend...
  Yes... I want one and will own one someday. But it would have been stupid of me to buy, would empty out my investment/savings accounts. Luckily this forum pointed out what was an obvious stupid decision. It was also older then me and would probably cost a fortune to maintain, even with me doing all the work.
I would love an old diesel VW Golf... But this overpriced garbage keeps coming up: http://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/cto/3121181037.html
WTF?! Shut up, both sound like idiots!!! Anyways, I am broke and been busting my ass for the past month riding down to Labor Ready working with crack heads and shaking my hairy ass for old men on web cams. Paid some debts, made a bit more... Anyways I am looking for a cheap car for when it's to far to commute by bike. Needs to fit a bike inside, have AC, run without immediate costly repair. Most important cheap to insure and economical, all for under...
Had to pay it on original MSRP of $2089.99.
Stupid question, brakes?
I placed an order for the bike, they did not have the size I needed. But they have a fresh one coming in from there ware house, should be in next week. But will give me time to order some pedals and other stuff... I bought the Trek 7.5 FX because of car insurance prices in the Clearwater area. I have absolutely enjoyed riding 6 days a week, 20-40 miles a day. So at this price, I think its worth it. I figure it would be nice ride along the beach for pleasure and not...
I been commuting by bike for the past few months, on a 2011 Trek 7.5FX. I am still overweight at 5'11" 228 pounds... I been wanting to get a faster bike for time trials and when I just want to ride faster at a later date. I had intentions on waiting, but the Trek Store sent me an e-mail offer on a 2011 Trek Speed Concept 2.5 for $999. Should I jump on it now, and how about sizing on it (I think there's a bit more to it then my 7.5FX Hybrid), should I wait to I lose more...
Honda Civic if you need a car with four seats... Mazda Miata for a sports car. Ford Ranger if you need a pickup.
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