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cashmere is nice.  quite nice for $120.  i wear a large in everything from them thus far, but this is cut too big.  i'm going to exchange it for a medium.
I've been a very happy customer of Everlane for a while now.  I just received 3 oxfords and a cashmere sweater today.  2 of the 3 oxfords have a significant amount of unraveling in the button holds and on the inside of the placket.  All of this could have been easily identified going out the door.  What gives?   Even worse, one is sold out until some unknown date, so there is no way to get it replaced.   Anyone else having issues with Everlane or should I view...
I'm looking for a pair of boots that will go with my APC Rescues.  I'm ideally looking for $250 or less, but if this is an impossible task, the I'd consider going a bit higher.   Thanks!
Looking into new sheets for the new bed.  What are the best sources for quality at a reasonable price.  Think Everlane in this regard.     TIA!
just received a chester mox wallet the other day.  very, very nice for the coin.
simple solution.  eat a cheeseburger and fries then look at your ass in the mirror to check the results.  repeat until you have an ass.  
just got a my first pair of rescue's the other day.  love them so far.
Nudie Big (Sharp) Bengt 32x34.  Worn for about 3 weeks in perfect condition.  Smoke free.  Not altered.  1 cold soak when I first purchased them.  I've reached the conclusion that my build prohibits me from wearing tapered jeans.   Starting bid is $39.     If you are interested, send me a pm and I'll sell these CONUS with free shipping for $39 if there are no bids.
saw at bunch at nordstroms in the capital of the south.  expected them up north, but way out of place down here.  saw a few hippies wearing some too.
a few questions:   1.  i tried on a pair of apc rescues today which i really loved except that they gave me a slight wedgie.  is this something that would become less of a problem as the denim stretches?   2.  can anyone recommend a pair of jeans that combined the front and lower rise of nudie big bengt (fits my big ass well - i'm 6'0 185lb.) with the leg shape and similar diameter to the apc rescue?   thanks.
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