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Look for a black suiting wool MA-1 in 46
Looking for a Charcoal/gray Robert Geller Dip Dye Sweater in size small from the FW10 season.
just a couple of my favorite shots    
Selling: Black Lamb MA-1   shoulders 17.75" chest (pit-to-pit) 21.75" midsection 20.0" waist 19.5" body length, front 23.0" body length, back 25.3" sleeve length, from shoulder 26.5" sleeve width @ pit 7.7" sleeve width @ elbow 6.6" sleeve width @ cuff 5.7"   Feel free to message me!
 I don't see how privilege would make him more of a decent person.  If anything, being born in a less privileged family would technically make him more aware of his wrongdoing..
 If I were you, I would cut my losses.  Save yourself further disappointment
If we are to make any sort of impact with the petition, we're gonna need a LOT of people to fill out the petition form: http://www.police.go.kr/eng/main/contents.do?menuNo=500031   So I've made it REALLY easy for everyone to do so by filling out the document that needs to be attached to the form. You can download the .doc file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/35be4x98ndqt3zc/petition_completed.doc?dl=0   All you need to do is:   1) Go to link #1 2) Fill out...
D K and Unknown user edited an item Aug 21 TOJ new master       Okay so, it has been more than a MONTH since any update has been made to the spreadsheet.  It doesn't seem like anyone has been receiving jackets recently.....
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