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selling oxblood calf bcdr in modified 46. pm for offer and measurements   on grailed. Just dropped it to 620!  
nope, sorry
got confirmation for small wallet
Still for sale:   1. Small Zip Wallet spot   2. Oxblood BCDR (modified 46):   shoulders  17.0" chest (pit-to-pit)  20.5" midsection  18.8" waist  18.6" body length, front  23.0" body length, back  25.6" sleeve length, from shoulder  25.5" sleeve width @ pit  7.0" sleeve width @ elbow  6.2" sleeve width @ cuff  5.0"
    Selling TOJ Oxblood BCDR Modified 46
It's in pretty much brand new condition. Haven't had much of an opportunity to wear it since it's too warm outside. Beat the current wait times!   shoulders 17.0" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.5" midsection 18.8" waist 18.6" body length, front 23.0" body length, back 25.6" sleeve length, from...
Still selling small zip wallet and Daypack spots
Selling my spots for:   1) Black Daypack   2) Small Zip Wallet
Being in Korea doesn't help you grab one..
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