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Your feet swell over the corse of the day, some peoples feet more than others. It is most likely if it bugs you more later in the day. Try measuring your feet early and late to see if this is happening.  
Very nice! I'm excited to see the progression.
Thanks! Sometimes it can almost fool you if you don't see the wrinkles CXL has normally.
  Answering the call with my CXL.
I learned this a few years ago and it works great. It's called a reef knot and it does take a minute getting used to going under rather than over but, if tied correct the knot will actually tighten the more its worn.     The knot above is tied this way and it looks great.  
I just bought a pair of the Clayton monks on here from emc894. The shoes are great and I got complements from just about everybody I had seen. I'll have some extra shoe money soon and hope to see some new versions. I love these shoes and can't wait to get another pair from you. I was also wondering if there is a news, time frame for new models or any new colors to be available soon? Keep up the great work DC Lewis! 
Nice. Post some pictures when you get them!
  Fitzgeralds is where i got my 1k boots. They are some great people and treated me well when i visited their store.
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