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Those are looking really good with some wear.
Im interested in these beauties and was wondering what US size you think they are since they were a bit tight?
Yeah, before I got my Obenauff's LP to use on them I put cream on them, but I haven't in a while since I mean to take them in for rubber like Brian posted.
If you look back Crane's talks about using them for that reason. He beats the hell out of his Addisons too.
  The soles look double to me, they are pretty thick. Very nice shoes and great condition!
  Shell seems be like that often, take a look at the Alden shoe thread on here. It seems to happen more often with Whiskey and lighter shades of shell than the dark, but it does happen all the time. Can't tell you for sure why, but im assuming since its harder to produce(Horween takes 6 months to tan shell)that its also harder to be 100% consistant in color. At least your lighter parts match on both boots I've seen many with both shoes different shades.
I own a pair of these boots and they are great! Should sell quick.
They have them on For me the shoe fit like a glove TTS, I would think going up a half would work but there might be some more info regarding that further back.
I see what you did there. 
Very nice and thank you for the great pictures as well. Great first few posts.  When i get a chance I have been meaning to take mine in for this.
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