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Who's the lucky bastard now! I guess she must have known they were worth $50,000. 
That would be my best guess from his pictures. If you can't get your boots on without stepping on the back you'll need a shoe horn. I have a pair of CXL indys and a CXL NST Tanker from LS, they both are a bit big on me but I have a light smooth roll, in stead of creases. Also, since they are a tad big, I'll usually wear thicker wool socks or an insole or both.
Thanks for the help! 
Thanks! I had noticed it in his signature and somehow missed the shell part! I just noticed the size first and was shocked when it was shell on top of it! While we're here, do you know anything about Vass's shell? I didn't know if it was Horween or another supplier, if not ill search more.  
They were waiting for me to find them. I can't wait to get them.
Yeah, he said thats who he got them from. Its too bad, I had no problems.
Very nice Indy. My Indy CXL is starting to look very nice as well, I will have to get some pics up. Lets see some more CXL.
Did you try contacting him at all? There is always Ebay & Paypal to contact as well.  Those boots sound pretty rough I am interested in a pic, could you post some for us.
I bought my my Stocktons from him had no problems. 1st quality boots and fast shipping.
I really need to get me a pair of Alden's in Whiskey
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