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    I agree. If I do this i would keep one pair untouched for this reason. The majority of my shoes are leather soled.
    Yeah, i was just wondering where all the posts went?
  I love that color. These look great! They should use these for their stock photo instead.  
The rubber looks good on those 1k's i'll have to think about that.
    Thanks. I have been looking for new belts lately.
    To me this sounds like the real deal. He was being vague and never posted pictures when asked. I always had great service and 1st quality boots from you and after i posted about you on here everybody had the same experience. The name comment is a good point if you make it the name of your store, it would be easier to promote your store as well. Keep us updated about your store.
    Im interested in seeing them as well. Hopefully they release something soon.
    Very nice! Although not Alden, I did get some very nice shell Vass chukkas today.
    I forgot all about the brown 1ks. You'll have to post some pics of those as well. I'd like to see them in commando style!
Yeah, it doesn't look that severe with new pics. The original picture about the lacing looks to me looks like the boots are a bit too big.
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