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The only thing i can think of to get color back would be to get some shoe creme. I use Meltonian boot and shoe creme and It's available at most shoe or shoe repair shops. If i get a scratch or simular that takes color out, I just rub some on the area and seems to work well for me. There are a ton of different colors to try and match. I don't have a pair in rust, but the color loss is still surprising considering. I would also say you should get yourself a leather cleaner...
    Thank you for posting the pic. That is certainly poor quality and hopefully should be taken care of by Wolverine. Didn't mean to be rude in early earlier posts, but you know how the internet is, sometimes people lie or make up stories. Pictures tell the truth.
    I am interested in your using boot oil on the cordovan and how they will look after some time and brushing. It should add some interesting depth to the cordovan color after some wear.
    Very nice! keep update pics coming and thanks for sharing.
    They are also sponsor the forum. There are other places I can't think of right now, but those are usually in a huge 32oz jug.
I know what you mean. It was raining all day today, but i was wearing my Vass cordovan chukkas.
        Very nice! Thanks for posting them.       No i wouldn't either, I have just never seen Cordovan that light of a green. 
Yeah, it was a cap toe with a dark to medium green color, it wasn't as dark as the loden color, it was a lot lighter green compared to the Alden. It was had to tell, the picture was in low light a little blurry so it might be fake.
I like the new toe design, but the color was pretty odd.
+1 for muck
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