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    I love seeing people from around the world in these threads.
    I would say ebay but the one guy selling them for $250 or so isn't selling them on there anymore. You could still try there, other than that i dont know of any other sales going on.
The Handgrade brogue and the Handgrade monkstrap are DC Lewis shoes. The other three benchgrade models are Kent Wang shoes. I can tell you that the Monkstrap called Clayton is a awesome shoe for the price, im waiting fr more from DC Lewis. I have no experience with the benchgrades, but I am interested in the chukka. I'll let you know if i get it!
  No, so far this is the only version in shell. They were copying the original 1k boot and they made only made 1000. They are supposed to be realeasing new shell model in September.           
    If you dont go hog wild and only apply small amount like 1 or 2 coats, you shouldn't get too waxy. Thats what i did and you barely noticed a difference.
    These are DC Lewis, a forum members shoe line. They had some samples made of different shoes and a boot and sold them on here a few months ago. These were made with Horween cordovan.
    I have found some great deals on ebay, but sometimes you have to wait a little. Good luck and know your sizes.
    Yeah, the color should be last if you possible cant get the color back, most times you can. I loved using Obenauf's LP and oil on mine but I have the brown 1k and Stockton, both are dark already. So, it might turn your rust 1k's a couple shades darker. It tends to lighten up a bit after a few days, but it still might be a little darker. I have seen people complain that the oil darkens a bit more than the LP, but they might be putting a whole lot on.
    Hey, I stopped questioning any of your reasons a long time ago.  I just like to see what different products you use and they all make sense since, it's more function than fashion for your purposes. 
  Yes, i forgot to mention but you should try and keep CXL conditioned often, not constant, but especially before and or after hikes like this if it hasn't been treated in a while. It's tuff but not quite cordovan tuff. Listen to Crane's it's all he does with these boots.
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