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    The only thing i have heard thats close is the re-craft service. 
Im interested Oxblood U last. Pictures would be great. Also, would these come with the lasted shoe trees?
    I get that all the time with my shoes! Especially when i where my G&G or DC Lewis shoes. It gets interesting when im wearing my Vass and the look on some peoples faces when I say Budapest.
I'm really excited to see what is available aside from pre orders! I need for a few more pairs of DC Lewis. 
Thanks for the detailed photos. They look better after the Obenhauf's and using the brick cream looks to be you best bet. Keep us updated.
  Yeah, but not taking into account shipping time, they get these done fast! At least compared to sending them back for manufacturer re-craft and not to mention good pricing. Thanks for the info.  
Looks real good. I have heard and seen great things about B.Nelson, how was it like dealing with them?
I was interested in knowing, if they will have some new models that are not pre order only available soon. 
    Yeah, not matter what it will keep coming out little bits at a time. You'll use #8 polish for touch ups and keep going. Alden's finish their cordovan more like black purple cherry color instead of deep dark red. I'm glad you were able to get some VSC and it worked well.   Thats looking real good, it shined up nicely too. Im excited to see them change color after some wear, almost looks like Alden's # 8. What size shoe are you?  
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