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You can do all the ab exercises you want but, if you dont get rid of body fat you will never see them. Do some running and or get a jump rope.
My brother got me a banjo and a bottle of Gentleman Jack for the holidays. So, mixing the two seems right.
I know people that have had this problem and it happens offen. People regret and use that as an excuse. I mean its a $150 vintage guitar you should expect to have to adjust a truss rod. How did the sales go for the other guitars?   Great advise! I have feeler gages form an auto store to get a precise measurement between the stings and fret.   There are some good videos on adjusting truss rods too and you could do it yourself Tck13.  
 A few weeks ago I got my self a new Gibson Hummingbird Pro. Musicians Friend had them marked down from $2100 to $1850, then traded in $450 old guitar and 10% off made it $1215. Its great!
  Yes, thank you for this. I have been looking into Alden recently and this helps A lot.
I've had nothing but great things to say about my 1000 mile boots. The size runs a little large, at least for me. I wear a 10 normally and had to go down to 9.5. and probably could have gone to 9 but, I wear insoles since im on my feet a lot.
Well, Here goes my first post. Sorry about the poor quality cell phone pics, other camera was broken. Happy New Year.    
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