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Oh, never mind you must mean he cut the upper. That sucks. 
I have been using Saphir Renovateur on all my Wolverine and Alden CXLs. It gives a great depth and mellow shine to them and you don't need much. Next time look into B Nelson Shoes since you have nothing around, there are lots of reviews on here. Everything i have seen is great. You'll have to ship to NY, but they do nice work for a good price. I have not used them, but have seen and heard nothing but good stuff. Next time dont give them away just send them out for full...
That is pretty awesome of him. Not a lot of people would take the time.
I will tell you now I know that Tombstone is in Arizona. I wanted to clarify that.
Well, at least he was a cool guy. Its a pretty interesting turn of events for the day. Maybe hes in town to bring back Doc Holiday....Tombstone vs. zombies, I might see that.   Yeah, that Fiebing's reminds me of a wood stain to a tee, but dries in like 10 - 15 mins.
I use Fiebing's leather sole & heel edge dressing - Brown. Its not like a lot of edge dressings that are like a paint almost. Its like a stain, so it runs easy if not careful, but it works great and theres nothing to peal off i just sets in.
Yeah, they are nice and I always liked the looks, but when i did look for a pair a while ago, i could never find any in my size. The lacing is different for sure, but as far as i know you should feel comfortable getting your normal 1k size. Post some pics if you get them!
  Oh no, now he sees how pretty the boot is now! Now they are going to be locked up in a glass case and brushed occasionally. 
I haven't seen many wear picture of the Rockford. A lot of people seem to have them, but never seem to get pictures on here. The Rockford fits just like the normal 1000 mile.
I love #8 and Ravello, but this shade is great. I would like to see more of it in Alden's shoes.
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