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I have the same pair and size myself. I tend to wear 10D, but I am a bit more narrow, almost B in width. These were about half a size large for me, but I just throw in a nice insole for comfort and they fit great. Im 9 1/2 In alden Trueblance and Barrie lasts and 10D in D.C Lewis. Hope this helps.
I use both. The Reno is good to give the boot a nice mild shine(not high gloss)to it.
I also here that Venetian shoe cream is great and recommended by Horween leather. 
I use Renovateur on mine, wipe off with damp cloth after wearing, brush and then shoe trees. The Renovateur gives them a nice shine without being too much.
These look really nice! Thank you for the pictures and ideas.
They should have no problem doing that for you, just send them an email or call. I am very interested in the Dainite sole on these. Thats a great Idea I never thought about.
Thats probably why he disappeared so quickly from the forum. Everyone knew his name on ebay and he posted a pic on his profile, then all of his posts were gone.
I would love to see some Whiskey!!! I would buy instantly.
Its a lot like the cremes, just rub in to the leather really good, and it will start to dry like a creme does. If what I am using it on is particularly dirty or has a lot of build up, I will rub for a little bit longer after it hazes over or use a little more. Then i brush it out after a minute or so. Like I said before only need very little. On my Alden and Wolverine CXL I just use it by itself, unless I have a scratch that needs color help. On my dress shoes i use it...
Yeah, Renovateur is more of a conditioner and cleaner. Its got the waxes like the creme polish, but not the color. They are both simular, except the Reno cleans, hydrates and removes built up junk and wax really well. I'll use the Reno, then the wax or creme or just the reno itself.
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