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where did you find that at?
cold/cold, most gentle setting and the shortest one, tumble.
they already sent one back for free(fuckin amazing support)   like i said it could just be dumb luck(eg me not paying attention). but after 3 wears and being at a desk all day each wear and not a single hole in any of my other tshirts thatve been caught on barbed wire fence, pieces of sharp metal, crawling on the ground over rocks, lifting sharp scratchy things being pressed against me, cat scratches etc etc. i doubt that my luck is that bad :/   on a side note their...
has anyone else had issues with the white vneck developing small holes?   i ordered one and it arrived with a hole, whatever, shit happens. got another one in and after 3 wears/washes, this one got a hole in it. same spot as the first one, on the arm.   it could be retarded luck but i doubt it. ive had the same tshirts for years now. i bought about 10 tshirts last fall and ive pretty much worn them since then(so about 30 wears each) and i havent had any rip or...
whats some good boot cream thats not silicone based? got some justin boot cream but its colored, not sure how much ill like it. going to try some on the tongue or something to see how much the color changes.   also for mink oil should i just add it right away?i just got my pair of boots and i dont know when i should do all of this :/
anyone know the exact length of either size 8 or 8 1/2 ? not sure what size to order :/
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