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  From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martha_Argerich    
Wore this:...       ...met her:    
    Comments are welcome.
    Comments are welcome.
    The conference took place in the United Kingdom...   My, oh my, you are one pedantic lot.  Yes, yes, duly noted.  
  Fair enough.  I shall do as instructed.  After all, no one is infallible.  
    I have never been instructed not to.  Once again, no comments regarding the clothes...
Conference dinner:     You have seen this suit.   You have not seen so many geometric shapes in a single photograph.   Comments are welcome.
1) Why not.  It was amongst friends, of course, and done as a joke.  Almost everybody wore lounge suits and dress shoes; I asked, they agreed. 2) So what?  It is flattering for the masculine shoes. 3) What about the clothes?
Bad photographs from a conference:   My bowtie was punished for its insolence.   I am wearing black brogues.   Comments are welcome.
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