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From the archive:   Comments are welcome.
      Colours are more accurate in the first picture.  Comments are welcome.
  Apart from the fact that we are both wearing a blue three piece suit, I do not detect any significant similarities in fit, colour coordination, styling, etc.  As such, I can only interpret your comment as implying that you associate my outfit with serious fun.  Yes, I am that vain.
I posted these photographs yesterday, in the "What Are You Wearing Right Now" thread.     [[SPOILER]]   Comments are welcome.
  Thank you for your comments.   The suit is worsted wool, the necktie is silk, the shirt and the handkerchief are cotton (the shoes are leather).  I believe this is a very common combination of fabrics.  In fact, if you substitute the cotton hadkerchief for a linen one, you get the standard uniform of men's dress.  However, I have noted that, in most of my photographs, even the worsteds look like mohair.  Oh well.   The handkerchief was not folded carefully to look...
  [[SPOILER]]   Comments are welcome.
  Very interesting points.  However, I must say I base my outfits on extreme contrast most of the time.  I will not argue that this is a tasteful choice.  Also, the tie's colour is burgundy--no red tie shall ever find a place in my wardrobe.  In fact, everything is darker in real life compared to the photograph.  The contrast is less extreme.   The setting was a conference of sorts, but not really business.  Imagine it as some kind of an informal gala.  Nothing too...
I appreciate your comments.  The tie is actually burgundy and has a herringbone self pattern, something which is not apparent in the photograph.  I am not certain this helps my case.   I can tell from your posts that my taste (or lack thereof) regarding colour combinations differs drastically from yours.  Perhaps I am beyond salvation in that respect.  Having said that, I am extremely interested in hearing your comments regarding fit issues.  I understand, however, that...
[[SPOILER]]   I feel like I am late to the party, but I am perplexed by the aversion regarding contrast collar shirts.  I think they can look very elegant, if they are worn in the right context.  In fact, I happen to own a shirt that is quite similar to the one Beckham is wearing in the photograph.  Is the following outfit ruined by that shirt?     Comments are welcome.
The pictures were taken at the end of each day.     [[SPOILER]]   Comments are welcome.
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