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Where are these for sale?
YES! Count me in
Orcival and vass to begin summer break. Yay
Desense, looks great. Are those the new linen-cotton big johns? How's the material? Breathable?
Yup. Me too. Love it. Like PP, I too have the diamond weave orange and love it. The rust wool tie is also terrific.
Love these GRP polos. And from the Euro sale, looking forward to these
My MTO is here! Claret museum. I wanted a simple captoe with a sleek round toe. Leaves recommended Style 3845 with the punching removed on the 74945 last. The toe seems a bit more sleek than Vass F or GG06. I think I'll take a Topdown group pic for comparison. The sides of the toe cap are slightly chiseled. Much Less so than pics I've seen of the 946 I think. The fit is generous all around. Highish instep. Plenty of toe room. At first, the leather hit my ankles a bit,...
dang that kamigata looks good!
Haha. You are correct! I meant claret, said plum. That's what happens when you combine shoe euphoria with a double bourbon I guess.
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