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dang that kamigata looks good!
Haha. You are correct! I meant claret, said plum. That's what happens when you combine shoe euphoria with a double bourbon I guess.
Are you with the police K-9 unit? That's cool.
Went all crazy with my first MTO Plum museum
thanks for the PSA.  picked up 3!
Metranger, thanks. The jeans are regular. I did size down 1 from My Buttero sneaker size.
Ts(s) Merz Big John Buttero
Yep. Buttero. Awesome. By the way, I asked Greg and Kyle if there was a chance Buttero would make a bone color of this boot. It may be possible. If anyone else is interested, maybe chime in to give Greg an idea whether such an effort is worth it.
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