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I've previously also dropped my packages off at the DHL/Fedex depot, they seem quite receptive to that, at least here in Adelaide.  It's a bummer your package got lost, it should turn up eventually though if it never gets to Luxire. I've had a couple of packages never turn up overseas that I've posted through AusPost, 3 or so months later they've turned up again at my door. Just make sure you put a change of address form in to AusPost or something to make sure you get...
 FWIW, Luxire started offering this service quite some time ago, I had mine picked up from the office from DHL, arrived with Luxire 3 days later.
Should be discounted? Is the 20% off 1500 still valid for Monday?
Maybe more like a 10.5US or 9.5UK, I take a 44.5 in F and 10.5UK in Carmina etc, and generally U last fits 1/2 size smaller than F in the same size. Oh the perils of Vass.
 $70/30ml plus post? I'm down.
 Any chance of another TL split? :3
The Baker's AusNut is a really lovely companion, imo.
 Queens, I think. Toe is pointed, rather than squared off like Simpsons is.
 Only issue with this is if the nails damage the welt, insole or holdfast/gemming. 
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