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Hrm, too small for me then . Good luck with the sale
Hi Ap,   Whats your standard brannock size? Would you size down for the chelseas half a size?
I used Shipito last week and was happy with the service. Quick postage and pretty cheap fees. You don't have to bother with all the account verification stuff unless you are using it a lot, I didn't do any other than PayPal some money in to pay for the fees.
    Vass will also do a danite sole.
  I organised one recently in the dedicated Australian Members thread, but it might be worth checking in there for interest.
  Any chance you can supply your cobblers details? I had not heard of any in Australia offering the service and it might be both a simpler and cheaper option than sourcing them myself.
  A flush mounted one like the picture?
  I wasn't aware that any cobbler in Australia provided the service to do this?
  I did think about this, but I've had my cobbler install a similar thing in rubber already, so I can't imagine these creating any challenge for him. Of course, everyone potential experience may vary in their confidence of their local cobblers ability. I'd be happy to order an extra box and divvy them up to interested parties so they aren't all out a significant amount of money if it doesn't work, but an order requires a wire transfer so an individual purchase isn't an...
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