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 Carmina has weird designations for its last in standard widths, if memory serves the Forest is either E or EE, with Rain being EE, Simpson E, etc. In addition to this they also offer wider or narrower sizes in Forest and Rain, which would become EE and EEE respectively. It's a completely different system to what AE or Alden use, for example.  If you want to read more, there's a 'Official Carmina Sizing Thread' somewhere on the forum, but the standard idea is to go one...
 I think there's also 'natural' shell, which is lighter again than whiskey/saddle/etc.  I've found the main differences between the different hues of each colour of shell are the undertones: Of dark brown shell, congac is a simple brown, whereas cigar has olive undertones. Similar differences exist between saddle and whiskey. There are also just general colour variations between batches.  If you want a particular colour, ask Rezso to match the shell to it. I asked for a...
 The 3pc trees are twice the price of the standard trees, as far as I know.
Thanks Gianni, I mean Gerry.
 Right size, just don't wear them enough and would rather purchase something else.
Looking to sell these if anyone here is interested.     Vass - Punch captoe derby, black calf. F last, size 45 EU (10.5/11UK) Single leather soles, sole protector applied. Worn less than half a dozen times.   $425 shipped within Aus, happy to split shipping outside of Aus.
 No code, email the forum affiliate account to get their best price. If memory serves they're only getting rid of large sizes in a few models, though.
 I was under the impression Vass 'balanced' their HAF soles with added heel layers?
 I assume so. Black, burgundy, dark brown, light brown, are Vass staples.
 Vass do produce a 5 eyelet derby, I believe it's called the 'London' model. Should be easily produced, but Vass don't do a split welt like on that Alden model, only flat welts or norwegian welts, so you'll have to pick between.  Last wise the F last should suit you. It's Japanese more than Italian, but it's fairly sleek.
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