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Interested in Tanker or Chukka boots.
 I'd be surprised if Double Monk didn't sell them, but I wouldn't bother. Just use anything with a smooth, rigid surface, and it'll have the same effect (people commonly use the back of a teaspoon.).
I was of the impression they had not made every size last yet, might explain the delays.
Are you ordering a second bottle Pete, or shrinking the size of the decants?
  There really isn't one. Just brush when needed, use cream to remove scuffs and/or water welts. 
 Any extras from this shipment Steve?
 You can pick the model, leather, sole, etc, but the model is the combination of the design and the last that it sits on. You can't mix and match.
 You'll have to stick to existing Robert last models, Carmina aren't known for their last switching with patterns and whatnot. 
 I'd wager it's person dependent. Some take naturally to shooting as some do naturally to painting, or other mediums. You asked the question in an area with a clear bias, so the response was definitely a predictable one, but I don't think you'll get an unbiased one anywhere. Everyone has someone they know that does one or the other, or their kids like one, or they personally pursue it as a hobby. 
 I think you're going to have to pick between shape or comfort, unless you want to spend more, or look at other makers. Up until recently, Meermin did a dark brown suede chukka on their RUI last, which is going to be more attractive than the 026, but still wide in the toebox and instep. Unfortunately it looks like they've taken it off their website. I can't think of anyone else doing chukkas for a similar price that will cater to your wider feet, at least off the top of my...
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