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 I'm fairly sure that double danite is thicker than a danite 500, though?
Definately want a double or 500 sole for a casual boot.
Danite (or Carmina's version of Danite) soles come in 3 flavours. Single sole, which is a sole stitched directly to the welt with no midsole, think single leather sole thickness. Double Danite, which is actually a Danite sole with a full thickness leather midsole, and Danite 500, which is in the middle, Danite outsole with a leather sole at about half regular thickness. Some of the support and look of double Danite, without the harder break-in.   I'm easy on the lining,...
 This reminds me, the original Frankenstitch MTO was done with a flat welt, so you'll lose the storm welt from this pair.
Blake is poor construction now?
Would like speedhooks for a boot this tall.
Also down for frankenstich.
Interested in Tanker or Chukka boots.
 I'd be surprised if Double Monk didn't sell them, but I wouldn't bother. Just use anything with a smooth, rigid surface, and it'll have the same effect (people commonly use the back of a teaspoon.).
I was of the impression they had not made every size last yet, might explain the delays.
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