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 Standard width in Rain is EE. Rain E is narrow, with EEE being wide. So 12EE Rain = 13D US.
 My mistake, thought you were referring to their previous shell MTO makeup in saddle, which was on Queens.
Saddle split toe from Skoak was on Queens, which iirc is Simpson with an almond toe, rather than chisel.   Skoak had a MTO bal boot changed from Robert to Rain, I'm not aware of a split toe on Rain.   The image that is being quoted by the GMTO OP is from Unipair, the shoes are on the Simpson last.   AFAIK, Carmina only does an 'invisible' stitch for their split toe shoe, at the moment. They have a model coming, which is very similar to Alden's NST style, but at the...
 How so? You were arguing that Loake wasn't appreciably better than StC, Vass, etc, and that the only difference was 'design'. If you look at several factors, shape, colour, etc, aside, there are areas which these shoes do actually differ. I agree with you on the other points, that, for instance, you gain very little moving from something like Carmina, to say, Edward Green, as the underlying construction, and often the materials, are the same, but you specified makers...
 Not sure I agree. Loake still uses a lot of polished leather and goodyear welts, which leave a lot to be desired in comparison to hand welting and higher end leathers.
 For those interested in this MTO, we will likely be basing the boot on this model   But in black shell, blind or black eyelets/hooks.
 More temp wise than rain/etc, I'm not phased by water spotting on shell, but understand this is a consideration for some.
Any interest in doing a EB black shell jumper? For those that opted out of the Frankenstitch because of the heavy stitching, this might be more suitable? At 7200SEK, it should only be ~100USD more expensive than an identical boot from Carmina, around 850USD, or 1100AUD, in my local currency.   Would be looking for something for winter, personally, so double danite soles, flat welt, top half speedhooks. Last is somewhat flexible, we'll have to do some research into what...
  Agree on Carmina's execution of a split toe, have a pair of cordovan loafers with this toe and unfortunately the stitching actually tears the upper material slightly. Not enough to make me hate the shoes, but enough to notice if you're looking for things to nitpick. Not a traditional NST either, just a split front apron/toe. Traditional NST has the front split leather going out from the seam, look at Vass for examples.
 Last I heard the price increase for Carmina was only going to be 3%?
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