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 More temp wise than rain/etc, I'm not phased by water spotting on shell, but understand this is a consideration for some.
Any interest in doing a EB black shell jumper? For those that opted out of the Frankenstitch because of the heavy stitching, this might be more suitable? At 7200SEK, it should only be ~100USD more expensive than an identical boot from Carmina, around 850USD, or 1100AUD, in my local currency.   Would be looking for something for winter, personally, so double danite soles, flat welt, top half speedhooks. Last is somewhat flexible, we'll have to do some research into what...
  Agree on Carmina's execution of a split toe, have a pair of cordovan loafers with this toe and unfortunately the stitching actually tears the upper material slightly. Not enough to make me hate the shoes, but enough to notice if you're looking for things to nitpick. Not a traditional NST either, just a split front apron/toe. Traditional NST has the front split leather going out from the seam, look at Vass for examples.
 Last I heard the price increase for Carmina was only going to be 3%?
Typo on the deposit page, should be 75% instead of 50%.
 On this note, I have a Vanilla and Amber from these I would like to onsell if anyone is in Adelaide. Fragrances are lovely, just don't suit me.
 I'm fairly sure that double danite is thicker than a danite 500, though?
Definately want a double or 500 sole for a casual boot.
Danite (or Carmina's version of Danite) soles come in 3 flavours. Single sole, which is a sole stitched directly to the welt with no midsole, think single leather sole thickness. Double Danite, which is actually a Danite sole with a full thickness leather midsole, and Danite 500, which is in the middle, Danite outsole with a leather sole at about half regular thickness. Some of the support and look of double Danite, without the harder break-in.   I'm easy on the lining,...
 This reminds me, the original Frankenstitch MTO was done with a flat welt, so you'll lose the storm welt from this pair.
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