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Any recommendations for caring for the navy summer chino fabric? I'm finding it hard to iron without making the seams shiny. Maybe I just need to have them pressed?
Mine came this morning. Went half a size down on the penny's. Very happy with them.
  Aside from telling you I am a 10.5UK and wear a 45 in the F last, not really. I originally ordered a 44.5 based on the thread, sent it back as it was just a bit too snug. These are half a size larger, at 45, and seem to make all the difference. While snug, not painful, and have yet to be broken in. I love the narrow waist and heels of the F last though. Suits my foot well.
  I inquired at a peak time (I think most of the forum was hammering them with emails because of the sale) so first contact was a little off, but found Will who I dealt with very helpful, answering emails at times outside business hours, etc. Apparently they had hundreds of emails and calls the first couple of days and only about half a dozen sales from them, so it was understandable. Would be happy to buy from them again. Shipping was a little expensive at $60, but it...
My first pair of Vass. Apologies for the shitty pictures, but they're nothing out of the ordinary.  
  #8's were NWOT off the forum, snuff ptbs were from Leather Soul's big size sale.
New arrivals over the past couple of months: Alden, Alden, Trickers, Meermin, Vass.            
What are people doing when moving between different lasts? I have a pair in the F, which fit well, and am looking at getting a couple pairs in P2 or 3636, down half a size?
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