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  I believe they offer wider fittings in some lasts/sizes, as well as some of the lasts being more generous in fit than others. Might be best to email Rezso for specific information, as he knows the lasts best/has them on hand.
  What about the other of lighter/darker blue? or some lighter cloths like a couple chambrays for (I assume you're in NA) summer.
  I remember someone mentioning that they requested dark or light cognac when they did a MTO with Betty a few pages back. That said, an individual MTO is super pricey these days :/
  Firstly, something about that repair job puts me off. I can't say I favor half soles at the best of times but his treatment is less than stellar.   Lear, possibly edge kote?   https://www.tandyleatherfactory.com.au/en-aud/search/searchresults/2225-122.aspx
  I know this pain. I have pigeons in mine.   God speed, sir.
  Yes.    I'd say Herring don't stock it because they stock their own Loake-made Wingtip in dark brown, albeit on the 026 last.
Some Herringbone cashmere knits up on Greys outlet   http://www.graysoutlet.com.au/mens-fashion/mens-clothing/jumpers/herringbone-mens-owen-v-neck?productid=002626-02_Camel&spr=true http://www.graysoutlet.com.au/mens-fashion/mens-clothing/jumpers/herringbone-mens-owen-v-neck?productid=002626-01_Black&spr=true http://www.graysoutlet.com.au/mens-fashion/mens-clothing/jumpers/herringbone-mens-oscar-cardigan?productid=002900-01_Camel&spr=true
  3. I am convinced you could repurpose a bench/pedestal grinder for this. You'd just have to find an appropriate wheel.
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