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  Yes.    I'd say Herring don't stock it because they stock their own Loake-made Wingtip in dark brown, albeit on the 026 last.
Some Herringbone cashmere knits up on Greys outlet   http://www.graysoutlet.com.au/mens-fashion/mens-clothing/jumpers/herringbone-mens-owen-v-neck?productid=002626-02_Camel&spr=true http://www.graysoutlet.com.au/mens-fashion/mens-clothing/jumpers/herringbone-mens-owen-v-neck?productid=002626-01_Black&spr=true http://www.graysoutlet.com.au/mens-fashion/mens-clothing/jumpers/herringbone-mens-oscar-cardigan?productid=002900-01_Camel&spr=true
  3. I am convinced you could repurpose a bench/pedestal grinder for this. You'd just have to find an appropriate wheel.
  Alrighty. The shaft of the tree is fixed in place by two press fit pins, one at either end. This makes dis-assembly problematic, but not impossible. If you'd still like to go ahead, I suggest you centre punch them, then drill through them. This should allow you to remove the shaft from the tree, exposing the internal spring. Then just match this spring to something reasonably similar at your local hardware store, they shouldn't mind you opening a few packets to make...
  I am unsure. I'll dig mine out and get back to you shortly.
  DYEL?   I find the same thing, I wouldn't worry about it. If you find you can't deal with it, replace the spring with a softer one.
  Yes. I was just saying it's probably pointless looking at MTO Carmina when Vass will charge similar money for a handwelted shoe, with the same MTO options, and imo at least, better materials.
  Part of it could be a difference in height, and thus difference in large blade length needed. I find it very hard to get enough material  width with most standard length ties to get a dimple, so I just end up with a knot and a smooth round of material.
  MTO Carmina calf is on par with Vass shipped with lasted trees, so I'd honestly just go that route. Skab have a reasonable amount on Danite though, for RTW options, iirc.
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