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  No pictures, but I can offer a vague guide to my technique.    Start each new coat at the tip of the toe and work your way back as your use the polish up. It should allow you to still get the mirror shine on the cap, as well as slowly decreasing the amount of polish you use further back. Let me dig out a pair and I'll see if I can snag a crappy photo for you tomorrow. They aren't mirror shined, but are bulled at the tip and heel.
Rob, what sort of prices would we be looking at for just jackets through the new service? I'm a 38L so it's a bit of a pain getting non trendy jacket lengths, even from conservative brands.
Doesn't look like any real damage, you could probably restitch it yourself if you were feeling particularly daring. I forget what the front of your loafer is like, but I'm surprised they didn't make a seamless heel.
  Nerts. Thanks for the information Earnest.
  What did they do now? 
Leaves, can you comment on the instep and heel dimensions of the Detroit and Rain lasts? I might be interested if one has a low instep and narrow heels?
  Hand welting, last choices, etc. I find Vass lasts fit very well to my feet. Nice narrow heels.
  I do not think this is worthy. You look far too happy. 
Anyone interested in a couple pairs on Alden's on the barrie last? (#8 chukkas in 11d and snuff suede (more like ginger) in 10.5D? The heel is too large for my feet and even after breaking in is irritating. 
  I won't comment on the RRL related information, but Carmina and Meermin are not affiliated professionally, I believe the connection is only familial. 
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