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  Longer shirt sleeves, little off the jacket sleeves. Something is up with the chest or shoulders of the jacket, looks too large somewhere, which is creating the dimples on your right hand side. Nice colour combination, though.
  Probably. Did you think about doing a gradual fade over the cap rather than the whole cap btw? It tends to be my preference when spit shining calf, but I must admit I don't spit shine very many shoes after I got over my "look what I can do" with it phase.
  The tip of the toe looks duller than the rest of the cap, which is strange. Good effort though.
Anyone interested in a pair of Meermin snuff chukkas in 10.5UK? Lovely shoes, unworn, just the last doesn't suit my feet.
  My mistake. Lovely boot regardless.
  Forest last Burgundy Cordovan's, IIRC.
  What the did PTB set you back? Also looking for a pair.
  I'm the same with the brown pindot from last season :<
    Starting out, yes. With the larger collection, no.
  I don't think they lack any offerings, style wise. They seem to be willing to change their patterns too across lasts, which is nice. Wider fittings for existing lasts maybe? Created on demand for MTO orders might be a nice idea. I know a few people dislike the fact that most shoes don't offer wider (or narrower for that matter) widths for all of their lasts.    I don't think they need many more lasts, necessarily as they already have lasts for both casual and formal...
New Posts  All Forums: