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 They do. I've been wanting to try go get a MTO going for some Hiro/Olfe lasted chukkas, preferably unlined, for a while, but there hasn't been much interest.
 Cordovan colour, not material.
 If that's a photoshop, well done.
 If you're in Adelaide or Melbourne, RHD is worth a stop in.  http://www.righthanddistribution.com/pages/about-us Pricing is on par with SelfEdge/BlueOwl
 VSC should be fine.
This group buy is set to clear Vass out of shell cordovan.
 Not Rob but had a spin in a A45 when they came out. If the CLA45 is similar, it's a great buy.
 Have a pair of the wingtips in 11D which fit well, which is 1/2 size down from bannock for me, wondering if the consensus was down another half a size (I seem to remember this being the case) or if it was the same size as the wingtips.
Gents: Giannis, half a size down from Marlow Wingtips?
New Posts  All Forums: