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The Baker's AusNut is a really lovely companion, imo.
 Queens, I think. Toe is pointed, rather than squared off like Simpsons is.
 Only issue with this is if the nails damage the welt, insole or holdfast/gemming. 
You can get away with using the convex side of a teaspoon, if you don't have a bone on hand.
 What last, Leaves?
 Imo, once you've worn a hole in the sole, you need to resole, and in doing so replace the filler in-between while doing so. Have seen a few shoes topied once holes have been worn in, and the cork rots away inside. Would have been fine to topy with a thin sole, sans hole, but I'd strongly suggest replacing the sole before doing anything else.
What is the instep like on the R last in comparison to the U?
 Single MTO, GMTO or stock item?
Probably shouldn't be putting the link here.
Question for the shoemakers in here, moc toe stiching (not two pieces, just stitching to raise a bead), like on an Alden Indy, C&J for RL Gianni, etc: Can it be done on a finished shoe? Or is this done pre-lasting/welting?
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