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    I'd quite like to try that new lining fabric, I should just add 'use soft satin lining for pants, including pockets' for it to be used on my next order? I am not hugely worried about longevity at this stage, if there are other alternatives also? I was wondering if a cheap shirting fabric might work?
Do we have any alternatives to the lining used in the pants? I found the fabric used in my recent pair a little coarse compared to the fabric of the pants themselves.
  Pointless unless you can find matching fabric.
  I use this: http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/overunderlacing.htm almost exclusively. 
  Shell is 550 EUR not including VAT.
  Ah, my mistake. The boot doesn't have any punching aside from the toecap anyway, so I'm unsure as to why people were specifying no punching...
  I don't think people were wanting to. Plus changing to no punching just makes it a cap toe boot.
  I wouldn't be worried. I gave my father a pair of Loake's last year and he's been wearing them every day almost after he wore out the pair he was wearing at the time. He doesn't take care of them, shoe trees them only on weekends, etc. He's only halfway through the sole, and the shoes are easily revived with a brush and a polish. I'd say you'd be fine with the Carmina's.
I have odd feet. I can size down a full size on the barrie, but always seem to need to size up for captoe shoes, otherwise my feet complain.  Being 22, I can't see myself wearing tassels anytime soon, so the sizing is of no concern to me :P
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