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  Jacket sleeves are a little off on both, but other than that nice work. 
  Anyone done an order from Australia from TCNY? If I remember right Gerry got a jacket?   Rough prices?
  So long as you get the right size and the last works for your feet, they are exceedingly comfortable. Double leather sole is lovely to walk on, and a nice change for a loafer.
  C&J for RL cordovan.
  I disagree. Were the gap to continue to widen and the stitching loosen, there would be significant issue, but this looks more like the adhesive used to bond the sole to the welt failing, which is less important. The splits which most people posted in here were very minor, and while it would be nice if they didn't happen, I wouldn't have lost any faith in the shoes construction. Remember, you've got a constant stream of impacts pushing the sole and the welt together each...
Suede shampoo would be a good start, imo.
  That's the thing, that isn't related to the way the shoe is welted. It's how the welt is stitched to the sole of the shoe. While they may have split, the stitching won't let the sole come off completely. The gap may widen, but the sole shouldn't separate any further than the stitching will allow. In theory at least.
    You say handwelted so I assume these are Linea Maestro shoes? There was a huge batch of classic collection shoes where all the soles split, but this was middle of last year, if I remember right.    I don't think how the soles are stitched to the welt on the LM shoes, but they could well be machine stitched. If it's bothering you, and you can't get in touch with Meermin, go have a chat to a local cobbler.
  Indeed, good price though, imo.
  Checked again just now. All is well again.
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