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  I think it's just the current fashion at work. The real shame is that not many brands do long fittings, which would allow us to work around this.
  The OP is quite a ways up, but it looks as if the bottom pair of eyelets are further apart than the rest?
  I am trying to get a similar toe cap on a pair for my next order, Rezso referenced a model called the 'weymouth'. Not sure how much help it will be, but I hope it helps you.
Seeing as we've been having a lot of activity lately around these parts, can anyone comment on sizing between the F and P2 lasts? Half a size down? or same size?
Received a  belt from Equus leather today (SF affiliate), very happy with it. Nice thick leather with a lovely finish. Not super dressy, being bride leather, but more than suitable for the Australian menswear climate, if any of you are in need of new belts.
  6'4" 38L :<
  And hand welted, free MTO, etc.
Vass F U K and Peter/New Peter are quite narrow heeled. I believe the heel stiffener is leather, so it should mold over time which may help.
  I bought my first pair with a wire transfer through Commbank. I caught them doing free wire transfers for anything not AUD, which offset the crappy rates, plus it was easy. I'd be surprised if Rezso wasn't happy to take USD, but I agree you'd be better off trying to find someone who does Euro. Let me know if you find anything which will beat your bank.
  Long redundant I'd imagine for the OP, but Rezso will allow returns, at least in my experience.
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