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  What about the other of lighter/darker blue? or some lighter cloths like a couple chambrays for (I assume you're in NA) summer.
  I remember someone mentioning that they requested dark or light cognac when they did a MTO with Betty a few pages back. That said, an individual MTO is super pricey these days :/
  Firstly, something about that repair job puts me off. I can't say I favor half soles at the best of times but his treatment is less than stellar.   Lear, possibly edge kote?   https://www.tandyleatherfactory.com.au/en-aud/search/searchresults/2225-122.aspx
  I know this pain. I have pigeons in mine.   God speed, sir.
  Yes.    I'd say Herring don't stock it because they stock their own Loake-made Wingtip in dark brown, albeit on the 026 last.
Some Herringbone cashmere knits up on Greys outlet   http://www.graysoutlet.com.au/mens-fashion/mens-clothing/jumpers/herringbone-mens-owen-v-neck?productid=002626-02_Camel&spr=true http://www.graysoutlet.com.au/mens-fashion/mens-clothing/jumpers/herringbone-mens-owen-v-neck?productid=002626-01_Black&spr=true http://www.graysoutlet.com.au/mens-fashion/mens-clothing/jumpers/herringbone-mens-oscar-cardigan?productid=002900-01_Camel&spr=true
  3. I am convinced you could repurpose a bench/pedestal grinder for this. You'd just have to find an appropriate wheel.
  Alrighty. The shaft of the tree is fixed in place by two press fit pins, one at either end. This makes dis-assembly problematic, but not impossible. If you'd still like to go ahead, I suggest you centre punch them, then drill through them. This should allow you to remove the shaft from the tree, exposing the internal spring. Then just match this spring to something reasonably similar at your local hardware store, they shouldn't mind you opening a few packets to make...
  I am unsure. I'll dig mine out and get back to you shortly.
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