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  Oooooooooooooh. 30% off retail isn't bad.
  Would you be willing to make them with a wool outer? Something from your Dugdale fabrics?
  Ah, my mistake.
  Might be of lower quality than you'd hope, but there's an option out of NZ for ~$40   http://www.hallensteins.com/product/Merino-Cardigan?i=7860420&v=7862350
  Old English isn't a last, but yes. I believe the R last is also a reasonably round toe, but with a lower toebox.
Anyone have advice for which fabric to order for staple white buttondowns? Happy to field suggestions for both oxford and twill fabrics. Looking at the $70ish fabric area.
  I would size down half a size from your New Rey size, unless you are already finding New Rey almost too short.
Received my second pair of pants from Luxire today. Fit is nicer, a little low for dress pants but find for chinos. My request for fine cotton lining did not get glossed over. The lining on this pair, while unsure if it is shirting fabric as requested, is certainly of a nicer feel and quality than my previous pair.    The navy twill chino, and I assume by extension the other similar fabrics, are nice and thick. I'll make sure to update after some hard wear to see how...
  I can't say I share your thoughts on Alden's finishing in comparison to someone like Carmina, but the quality of materials is lovely. Suede is incredibly plush and soft.       If you're a 10.5UK I've got a pair of snuff suede Meermin's for sale over in the B&S.
Just tell Rezso. What is your reason for not wanting the split, though?
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