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  I'd honestly probably still pay using wire transfers, but the PayPal option would give new customers some security, outside of hearsay on forums. I believe they don't accept credit card transactions due to different standards between US and EU banks, but I could be wrong.
I agree with the website/blog suggestions, but one major stepping stone for them would be easier payment. While PayPal is quite expensive, I imagine it'd encourage buyers, rather than deter them as the need for wire transfers does.
I believe Saphir make something in an aresol for this purpose, invulner?
Tweeds sound interesting. Good to hear about the MTO's too!
Hey Jason, any chance of some plain coloured cashmere ties for the upcoming seasons? I don't remember you mentioning cashmere ties, only scarves/gloves.
    Pretty sure the unlineds are on the Leydon last, just add 1 to your UK size, iirc.
If you can, try and find an unlined version. By all reports it is the best option.
  Total number of posts/100, or /10 if you also count replies. It's an amusing phenomena, but it seems that shoes are the easiest thing to get into sartorially and as such are very popular. 
  I believe the Harrods sale does not include fragrances.
  I wouldn't bother. Close enough is good enough. Otherwise try and get an identical belt from EG if it matters to you that much.
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