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Mine came this morning. Went half a size down on the penny's. Very happy with them.
  Aside from telling you I am a 10.5UK and wear a 45 in the F last, not really. I originally ordered a 44.5 based on the thread, sent it back as it was just a bit too snug. These are half a size larger, at 45, and seem to make all the difference. While snug, not painful, and have yet to be broken in. I love the narrow waist and heels of the F last though. Suits my foot well.
  I inquired at a peak time (I think most of the forum was hammering them with emails because of the sale) so first contact was a little off, but found Will who I dealt with very helpful, answering emails at times outside business hours, etc. Apparently they had hundreds of emails and calls the first couple of days and only about half a dozen sales from them, so it was understandable. Would be happy to buy from them again. Shipping was a little expensive at $60, but it...
My first pair of Vass. Apologies for the shitty pictures, but they're nothing out of the ordinary.  
  #8's were NWOT off the forum, snuff ptbs were from Leather Soul's big size sale.
New arrivals over the past couple of months: Alden, Alden, Trickers, Meermin, Vass.            
What are people doing when moving between different lasts? I have a pair in the F, which fit well, and am looking at getting a couple pairs in P2 or 3636, down half a size?
Got my order yesterday, very pleased with everything. Could use a little tweaking on both, but not bad for a first attempt. Will try and get some pictures up for everyone to see later this week. Can recommend the navy summer chino fabric though. Lovely fabric. 
  Can't imagine it'll have any ill effects, but it should be easily fixed by peeling the layers apart and regluing them, and then recolouring the edge. Wouldn't be more than new heels, so ~$20?
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