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Hey Jason, any chance of some plain coloured cashmere ties for the upcoming seasons? I don't remember you mentioning cashmere ties, only scarves/gloves.
    Pretty sure the unlineds are on the Leydon last, just add 1 to your UK size, iirc.
If you can, try and find an unlined version. By all reports it is the best option.
  Total number of posts/100, or /10 if you also count replies. It's an amusing phenomena, but it seems that shoes are the easiest thing to get into sartorially and as such are very popular. 
  I believe the Harrods sale does not include fragrances.
  I wouldn't bother. Close enough is good enough. Otherwise try and get an identical belt from EG if it matters to you that much.
  ...With sandpaper?
    They drop ~1in while wearing, what I think I'm going to have to do on the next pair is increase the front and back rises, which should both give me some more break and stop the the 'butt sucking' also? As I would like to keep where they are sitting at the moment, but agree with the comments.
  Direct from Carmina or Skab in the EU. I find most other places have ridiculous markups over direct prices.That said, if you're willing to spend Carmina money, maybe have a look at Vass also?
Fit pictures from the other day for another forum, figured you guys might appreciate them too.   TM Lewin white poplin Luxire light summer navy chino Alden #8 chukka             Quite happy with the Luxire pants, might need to shrink the waist measurement though on the next pair. Unhappy with the shelf butt though, any ideas for solutions? 
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