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Just thought I'd bump my group buy from Valmour again. I'll try and place the order on Wednesday, so if anyone wants any Saphir products on the cheap let me know.
  You can add multiple items to one order, just keep navigating around the site and you can continue to add things to your cart for a single order.
  Out of curiosity, why would you not order both as one order?
  Happy Birthday. 
    More than happy to. I'll make a note.
  Reno + Cream + Wax is standard. Reno is universal, cream and wax are coloured. I'd go coloured cream and neutral wax these days myself, but it's up to you.   Depending how much you want, let me know. I'm trying to get a group order going so I can grab a couple of extra supplies for myself.
  Happy to ship to the US. Shipping would be $50, I'm happy to eat the cost between boat and basic air for you.
Anyone want any Saphir products? Might do an order from Valmour and would be keen to split shipping if anyone is so inclined.
Ofc. Where?
  Sorry, no :<.    I thought it was worthwhile to add because a couple of the styles are easily worn sans socks. Buying used shoes that had been worn sans socks always irked me.
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