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  I love this scale.
  The recommendation for MJ Bale and Herringbone are both sound. If you want something closer to home I've taken a liking to Adelaide Suits Direct, for pricing at least. Very conservative, but if you're starting out that might be just what you need.   Nothing locally for shoes, but I think that's almost universal for Australia aside from a couple of exemptions (Double Monk, for one.). Loake and Meermin are probably good starts until you find your feet, so to speak....
  One is for conditioning leather, the other is for removing built up product on the surface of the leather, respectively.
  They aren't my thing but I can appreciate the workmanship that goes into G&Gs. The lasts don't really suit me, they sort of stretch to the extremes of what each last is based on, square is very square, etc.    Was surprised to learn the RTW lines are goodyear welted at the price they are, though. I THINK the Deco lines are hand-welted, but I could be wrong. 
  If I remember right Ascot prices on the eBay store include VAT, and if you contact them outside of eBay they are willing to give another discount as they avoid eBay fees.
  An oxford would probably have less wrinkling overall, because you don't see the tongue, I can't imagine a 5 or 6 eyelet derby would have much more though. I think the common ideology for decreasing the wrinkles in shell is to size down as much as you can, having little room in the toebox, but this relies on the last suiting you well and you being okay with a snugger fit.    In fairness I think a heel counter may not help that much, but it would add another layer/line of...
Yes and no. Some people prefer the hardiness of the material over calf, others the lusture shell seems to have, some the way it creases/waves, some like all of these, or a combination of.   In theory, smaller patches of shell will hide the rippling better. Think captoe or wingtip derby with a heel counter. An oxford would do well too.
Carmina? Alden? Lots of makers that do burgundy tassels.
  Ugh, my bad. Sorry guys.
Some grey herringbone jackets up on STP from Ralph Lauren. I remember some people lamenting that they didn't get the Herringbone one recently.   http://www.sierratradingpost.com/lauren-by-ralph-lauren-herringbone-sport-coat-wool-for-men~p~3749n/?filterString=keycodebypid~19504%2Fclothing~d~5%2Fmens-clothing~d~15%2FLauren-by-Ralph-Lauren~b~30014%2F&colorFamily=03
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