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I believe most of Vox's stuff is these days, but fits like this OTR aren't impossible if you're not super oddly sized. I believe jefferyd (Who is a spectacular tailor is his own right.) has a fair few items of varying price which fit similarly. I'll see if I can find his blog in my history for you to have a look at.
  Always a pleasure, Unanmed.
  I'm down. Apparently last one was 330 Euro.
Gerry, was it you who was looking for a mid grey cardigan a little while back?   If so, Country Road have one: http://www.countryroad.com.au/shop/man/clothing/knitwear/60154416/V-Neck-Cardigan.html
I've always viewed shoes as: You vary little in construction. Pretty much everything these days is either glued or goodyear soled. That which is handwelted tends to be very pricey, but you gain some peace of mind, I suppose. From what I understand it's pretty rare for goodyear welts to fail, but even rarer for hand welted, so.    For the uppers, most everything is machine lasted, most soles are stitched, and all uppers will be done by machine. You basically end up...
Law of diminishing returns. 
  You didn't see the finale? Spain is nice this time of year.
  Sorry, not meaning to try and rub it in, just always 'impressed' with our border security.
And yet my order of 3 bones slipped through. Oh your's came Fedex, mine came Royal Mail which would have gone through AusPost, might have been the reason.
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