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Why wouldn't there be? They aren't an American made product?
Depends on the maker. F or E can be standard. 
What size?
Whoever was asking about wet weather shoes, something like this would be perfect. On sale at Herring too.
  From what I understand he made a savings account with the money he made flipping thrifting finds, the Luxeswap business etc is separate. Probably not as hard as you think, though, with how cheap cars are over in America. 
  Danite/Commando/Ridgeway (Pick your formality) >Topy'd leather > Leather, for wet weather, imo. I've had some experience with leather soles still soaked in heavy downpours with a topy, as it still seeps through the sides/waist still. Something like a captoe boot would serve you well, in either a traditional calf, or something more casual like a country grain like JM suggested. I currently use a pair of Meermin NSTs and some Barker wingtip oxfords for wet weather duty. I...
  My first pair of pants was in this fabric. Nice fabric and great for the heat, but I was unhappy with the lining on this pair, although this was before they switched to finer linings. I'd certainly order it again. or any sister fabrics in other colours for summer use.
 Sorry. Was watching last year as the mad rush hit, but I'll agree it was a very victorian 'we'.   I must admit I'm still confused, but with sizing too. What size will be likely to fit a 10.5FUK fit (Carmina Forest, Vass F), if my memory serves me correctly I need to take half a size up in G&G?    Just realised I made a mistake with my original post. I meant a 11US, 10.5UK box, with 10 UK shoes. Is this what you mean Frank? The website says an 11US is 10UK, but I remember...
  Aye, they said the same thing last year, but people were receiving boxes which didn't match the online sizing. I wondered if we ever figured the pattern out.
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