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  We have a rerun going of the original MTO if you're regretting it that badly! :D
  I have a couple of pairs of cordovan loafers, but I use them as beaters all year round 
Out of curiosity, if they're sourcing the hatchgrain from Horween, would Pepe be willing to do a MTO in Horween shell? I assume there would be a hefty cost associated, but I can only guess at how many here would be interested in one?
  http://horween.bigcartel.com/product/dark-green-shell-cordovan-wallet   Made by Ashland, sold by Horween.    http://ashlandleather.bigcartel.com/product/louis-little-new-york-shell-cordovan-special-limited-edition     "Special Horween Shell Cordovan rare colors: dark green, intense blue, and color #2. You can now order the intense blue and dark green through Horween Leather Co. directly! Please visit horween.bigcartel.com"
  Spread/Wide spread, imo.
Fixed that for you.
PM'd re: knitwear  
Just thought I'd bump my group buy from Valmour again. I'll try and place the order on Wednesday, so if anyone wants any Saphir products on the cheap let me know.
  You can add multiple items to one order, just keep navigating around the site and you can continue to add things to your cart for a single order.
  Out of curiosity, why would you not order both as one order?
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