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  I've got one pair of Classic currently, and have handled a couple more from the same line.   The value from Meermin, imo, comes from being able to buy 3 or 4 pairs quickly for a reasonable price. If you're trickling a collection together or just wanting to try out some new makers, I'd look elsewhere. They seem to have either quality problems or huge time delays on most of their orders, except for the group MTO's people are running through the Meermin thread here.    I...
  No, it corrects you regarding their use of cork.   In regards to why the shoes were so wet, I wouldn't be surprised if it was due to the quality of sole bends used by Meermin. I get the impression that their sole leather is very porous, which would explain the shoes getting so wet so quickly. Regardless, it's just a case of letting them airdry, they shouldn't suffer for a soak every now and again.    Romp, if you're wanting to help the soles resist water more, something...
  I'll just leave this here:  
  Can't offer any comment on the quality, but alternatives from both Equus (in bridle) and Epaulet are around the same price.
  Adopting a Harris Scarfe business model maybe?
  What does 6'4" equal?
  The common idea is buy the best you can afford, but if you're only rotating with one other pair two pairs of Loakes (either a second black or a burgundy pair for versatility) may be a better option if you're going to be wearing them day in day out.
  I believe C&J are happy to resole them if you're willing to send them to the UK. That said, they're just standard goodyear-welted shoes, so somewhere like B.Nelson in the states can take care of them just as well.
OneOne assumes you did not watch the Horween cordovan video posted a couple of pages back?
  It's fine. I'd encourage you to wear them before doing it though, as you might as well break the shoe in first.       You can, it's just not common in Australia. Somewhere like B.Nelson in the states will do a danite or commando sole on a welted shoe easily. I think the best we can do here is a glued addition. This brings up a valid point actually. Does anyone know of anywhere which will resole danite soles?
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