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  Indeed, that is what I was referring to. If the thighs are tight though, I'd recommend the return and resize. You will have to pay for another round of shipping from epaulet, also.       Leather layers of the heel delaminating. Contact Meermin imo, or if you can't be bothered, see a cobbler, should be a relatively easy fix.
  If you're happy with the other dimensions (rise, thigh, ankle) there's probably that much there to let out (this image illustrates the excess material, find it on yours and measure it to see if it'll cover how much you need.). That said, I sent a pair back to epaulet myself last week and it only cost me $40.
I don't think they bother. Send Reszo and email with a picture of what you want and see what they say.
  I don't think its excess wax per se, but it is wax reacting to the water. I'd suggest giving the shoes a good buff with a cloth after brushing, and do this again if the problem persists in the rain. I believe this is a similar problem to having 'welts' appear on waxed shoes when water droplets fall on them. 
    That looks like light brown suede, which is a similar match for Alden's snuff. Meermin snuff is somewhat orangey mid brown.
Just a dark burgundy coloured calf.
    Whichever last fits your foot better.
  I'd had nothing since the 26th, so I figured they were already in Australia (I've had packages before which don't receive tracking updates once they leave the US, but it looks like they are still in NY, or have just left.   Processed Through Sort FacilityJanuary 30, 2013, 1:34 pmISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) 
Luxire, I got an email saying my order has shipped (#2527), but when looking at the tracking information it says the shipment was cancelled by sender? Can you shed any light on this?
  I might take you up on that if mine don't fit well when they get here (should be next week? Fucking UPS to Auspost.).
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