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Anyone want any Saphir products? Might do an order from Valmour and would be keen to split shipping if anyone is so inclined.
Ofc. Where?
  Sorry, no :<.    I thought it was worthwhile to add because a couple of the styles are easily worn sans socks. Buying used shoes that had been worn sans socks always irked me.
Shooz still for sale:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/339751/drops-29-5-aus-shoes-alden-loake-grenson-meermin/0_100   Happy to deal if you're interested in anything.
Ron, is this the 'leather balm' product which Saphir produces which you referred to?   http://www.valmour.com/cleaning-products/polish-lotion-saphir-medaille-dor,516
I believe most of Vox's stuff is these days, but fits like this OTR aren't impossible if you're not super oddly sized. I believe jefferyd (Who is a spectacular tailor is his own right.) has a fair few items of varying price which fit similarly. I'll see if I can find his blog in my history for you to have a look at.
  Always a pleasure, Unanmed.
  I'm down. Apparently last one was 330 Euro.
Gerry, was it you who was looking for a mid grey cardigan a little while back?   If so, Country Road have one: http://www.countryroad.com.au/shop/man/clothing/knitwear/60154416/V-Neck-Cardigan.html
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