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If theres a 38 left and anyone can proxy...
 Also interested, pending inseam on pants and jacket length 
RE: Wallets/Leather goods, worth noting the difference between machine stitching and hand, or, 'saddle' stitching. Unlikely to worry you over the expected lifespan of a wallet or something, but with how anal we are with details of most other things, why not be the same for leathergoods :P
 Vass do quite a lot of shell with chain norvegese construction.
Apparently current design is a 4zip moto, as far as I can tell, standard sizes, but customizable options like leather, lining? Hopefully they allow length changes or I'll be SOL. Should keep a watch over the Vanson collabs too. Trial jackets for the rider should be in within the month, I believe.
 I stopped checking the thread, but just went for a browse. the SF/Honourmark/Johnson's jacket project looks enticing for <1kUSD and a 3month delivery window.
 Read the auction info. It should be listed there by the seller.
I'm happy to wear anything from a plain toe oxford to plain toe derbies with a suit. I think you'll find very few places in Australia where it would make much of a difference. That said, I think you'll find the last shape, welt style, and material affects what you can get away with much more than the style of the shoe itself. Longwings on a sleek last in black are going to be a lot easier to get away with than a cap toe oxford in ruby cordovan, for instance.
Fairly sure the JR soles were a reasonably recent development (last couple of years), so if you're ordering a style which has been around for a while, you may be getting stock which is several years old (wouldn't surprise me if some of the models on the Carmina website are a mix of old and new).   I wouldn't worry about it, a lack of a JR sole isn't the end of the world.
 Dropped in today, they are in a small lane off Hindley St these days. Andy is happy to do hems still, but no alterations. AFAIK he never actually offered alterations aside from hemming with an old chainstitch machine. He's happy to take hemming by mail too, flick him an email  to sort out all the details if you'd like to pursue that further.andy@righthanddistribution.com I regret dropping in through, ended up grabbing another pair of Tellasons because they were so well...
New Posts  All Forums: