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 Measurements on moto?
 This was a recent change, and it caused quite some rukus. With the Euro falling they decided to charge all VAT-exempt sales in USD, so shoes which were ~130USD before shipping suddenly went to 180 or so overnight. If you look far back enough in the Meermin thread there was a bunch of discussion about it.
If theres a 38 left and anyone can proxy...
 Also interested, pending inseam on pants and jacket length 
RE: Wallets/Leather goods, worth noting the difference between machine stitching and hand, or, 'saddle' stitching. Unlikely to worry you over the expected lifespan of a wallet or something, but with how anal we are with details of most other things, why not be the same for leathergoods :P
 Vass do quite a lot of shell with chain norvegese construction.
Apparently current design is a 4zip moto, as far as I can tell, standard sizes, but customizable options like leather, lining? Hopefully they allow length changes or I'll be SOL. Should keep a watch over the Vanson collabs too. Trial jackets for the rider should be in within the month, I believe.
 I stopped checking the thread, but just went for a browse. the SF/Honourmark/Johnson's jacket project looks enticing for <1kUSD and a 3month delivery window.
 Read the auction info. It should be listed there by the seller.
I'm happy to wear anything from a plain toe oxford to plain toe derbies with a suit. I think you'll find very few places in Australia where it would make much of a difference. That said, I think you'll find the last shape, welt style, and material affects what you can get away with much more than the style of the shoe itself. Longwings on a sleek last in black are going to be a lot easier to get away with than a cap toe oxford in ruby cordovan, for instance.
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