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Where are you referring to?
A dark congac, Rain last 5 eyelet chukka just went up on the Carmina website. They end up a little over $600.   http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/articulo.asp?idarticulo=4757663
  I thought you were on the hunt for some Whiskey Indy boots?
    Interesting that these seem to be two piece glued together, rather than one piece with blind holes. What were these priced at? 
  I got a dozen or so from my local suit shop. They are plastic, but have the wider shoulders to fill out the jackets. Like trees, there is benefit to having them fit your shape, but I am unsure how beneficial heavily lacquered wood be over plastic, assuming the shapes are similar.
  For us or other MTM makers? 
What sort of pricing are we looking at for Dugdale fabrics into a jacket?
  Welcome to use mine. 
  There is. He is trying to recommend you something which will condition without the solvents present in Renovatour. Lexol, Venetian, something more conditioner than cleaner, in essence.
Why are we talking about re-welting shoes? I was of the understanding that you get at least 3 resoles out of a welt before it's minced, and even then most manufacturers won't re-welt a shoe?    RM's wont touch anything that isn't their own, although they might have a good idea who could help around Adelaide. Adrian at Roberto's will restitch an outsole and I suspect there's a couple in the city that wil. There's also a custom orthopedic shoe maker Panorama way, who...
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