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  Only 10s and 12s left in both the blucher and wingtip. Didn't ask, but they also have tassel loafers in stock in some sizing. Nothing for me unfortunately, but for anyone else they're great shoes if you can be bothered chasing them up.
  Checked out Malford of London? He said he was putting up 1200 pairs or something, good quality, from what I remember.
  Any chance they had more? :D
Have a couple of pairs on the F last, wanting something similar in the heel, instep, toebox, but with a less elongated toe. I assume this points towards the P2 last?
  Didn't the guys who sold out of Church's go buy Cheaney?   PS: 550 doesnt seem too bad when they want mid 400 for non 1880 Loakes.
  Yes, but half a size down would be a better option if you can be bothered returning.   General sizing methodology is half a size up for Simpson from Rain/Forest/etc, I believe. Explains the heel slip :<
Leaves, for the group MTOs, is it possible to have a double sole option if the other participants are single sole? Or will this take that pair out of the group MTO status?
Did you end up deciding on light vs dark?
  Do you have similar issues with Simpson?
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