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  Would you rather have a SC calf chukka at EU 1130 than a Vass calf chukka at EU ~500? 
  Do Meermin do green shell? I was under the impression they only did light/dark brown, burgundy and black. Red, green, blue, etc would be welcome options.     Try the Rui last in your normal Uk size (US -1). It's a surprisingly roomy last, with a nice amount of height in the toebox and through the instep. Can't say I'd be trying to fit in anything Meermin makes if I was more than an American EE or maybe E, though, unless you special order a wider fitting.
With how Snuff comes out for Carmina, would a Loden shell/Chocolate suede be better received?
There's a standard insert attachment for the forum on the post.    In regards to how cordovan is priced, I actually went through trying to buy some to play around with a year or so ago. The hides are graded on usable area, larger pieces are considerably more expensive. When you factor in boots generally need large single pieces for the shaft, you can see where the cost comes from.
It isn't shell, but forum affiliate Equus do a navy bridle belt which has been quite well received.
Why wouldn't there be? They aren't an American made product?
Depends on the maker. F or E can be standard. 
What size?
Whoever was asking about wet weather shoes, something like this would be perfect. On sale at Herring too.     http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&catid=50&shoeid=6285&selectedsizeid=12&selectedfitid=2&stype=1
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