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  Yes, but half a size down would be a better option if you can be bothered returning.   General sizing methodology is half a size up for Simpson from Rain/Forest/etc, I believe. Explains the heel slip :<
Leaves, for the group MTOs, is it possible to have a double sole option if the other participants are single sole? Or will this take that pair out of the group MTO status?
Did you end up deciding on light vs dark?
  Do you have similar issues with Simpson?
I believe it's just this one. Whether it was made in communication to the guys at "The Armoury" I have no idea, but it is a handsome looking last.   http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/news/80231-armoury-negro1
  Thanks Gerry. Looks like the Rain heel is a bit wider than the Forest, so no Rain shoes for me until I can try one on in person. 
  Could you offer a comparison between the two in regards to heel width, instep, etc? Sorry to bother.
I just checked and there were at least two JL on sale, let alone at the start of the sale?
Gerry you have both Rain and Forest last Carmina's yes?
Where are you referring to?
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