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Various pickups from their own threads:      
1.25" Belts in Black, Dark Havanna, Australian Nut and Burgundy. Hardware is satin stainless steel.  
Pair of loafers on the Forest last, Burgundy shell.      
My latest pair. 44.5 F-last, Oxblood U cap derbys.        
  Gerry, got anything on the Forest? Can you compare heels and instep to Forest?
  I was contemplating ordering the other day if you're happy to post?
  I made a DIY linen square a while back. Surprisingly easy, and it would save your original square the butchering!
Haha, spare nozzles for cauking gun tubes, fortunately, but thanks for the help.
  Same this time. Every jar bubble wrapped individually, and mountains of foam in the box generally. I suspect something got to the cardboard box during shipping, as I hate a note from Auspost saying: "Your package came into contact with some unidentified liquid" or words to that effect, taped to the box.    Regardless, happy everything turned up intact. 
Order of Saphir products turned up from Valmour today.        No shoe care products were harmed, thankfully.
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