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Lint cloths are fairly popular in America, unsure whether they are sold in AU, although they are designed for use in a dryer, not a washing machine. 
  Will have to pass sorry Luke, trying to avoid more light outerwear for the moment.
 Likely me, let me sort back through the thread for a picture.
 The latest version HSV Maloo will have the most power, and should be eligible for a supercharger from Walkinshaw if he can be bothered (Power to ~550KW on a 6.2ltr, apparently). That said, if he really wants the silliest Holden ever made, and can live with a sedan, they did put out a limited edition sedan with a 7.0 litre V8 a few years back, although he'd have to find one from a private seller.
Considering NAMOR is a large size, and is having boots made with few real seams for them to join several pieces together, I imagine it'd just be that Vass is using larger shells, which have lower quality areas within them? It was ordered and delivered as shell, sounds like an honest mistake/material defect rather than something malicious. 
 Had a pair of pants made up at John K Tailoring on Magill road I've been very happy with. Took a pair of existing pants in and specified the alterations I wanted for the new pair (Added ~2in to the rise, etc), very impressed. Have not had a jacket made locally as I don't have a need. If you're looking for decent value suits, Adelaide Suits Direct in the CBD/South Road do decent half canvas suits at ~500 (Can generally get a second pair of pants in there too).
For those in Adelaide, looks like we have a local MTM shirt operation recently opened: or starts around $150 for a single shirt, drops to 130 for 3 or more.   Have ordered a white OCBD, delivery is in 3-4 weeks. Will report back with thoughts/pics on receipt of shirt, but was impressed with the fitting process and attention to detail.
 Be easier if you told us which state you wanted.
 Having not bought a pair ot StC I'll assume you know better than I re pricing, still a damn sight cheaper than $6k, though. Are Karl's prices on par with online retailers?
 Don't believe so. Besides, you can probably make do with a MTM pair from StC if you're that desperate, should run you ~1500 or so from someone like Skoak.
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