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 Whatever you like. I've done zip fly, single button at top with two metal catches to close the waistband, but you can specify whatever you want.
 Be interested to see some better photos of this. Looks good, but something feels off through the shoulders and waist of the coat?
 Have, Feibings, reasonably well. Just make sure to condition/replenish the leather between coats, otherwise the stripping and dying process can be very drying.  Oh, and as with most finishes, many light layers give better results than few heavy. 
My understanding of the return policy is that they can refuse a change of mind return, but still can't avoid replacing or refunding a defective product, even if bought as a large discount.
Lint cloths are fairly popular in America, unsure whether they are sold in AU, although they are designed for use in a dryer, not a washing machine. 
  Will have to pass sorry Luke, trying to avoid more light outerwear for the moment.
 Likely me, let me sort back through the thread for a picture.
 The latest version HSV Maloo will have the most power, and should be eligible for a supercharger from Walkinshaw if he can be bothered (Power to ~550KW on a 6.2ltr, apparently). That said, if he really wants the silliest Holden ever made, and can live with a sedan, they did put out a limited edition sedan with a 7.0 litre V8 a few years back, although he'd have to find one from a private seller.
Considering NAMOR is a large size, and is having boots made with few real seams for them to join several pieces together, I imagine it'd just be that Vass is using larger shells, which have lower quality areas within them? It was ordered and delivered as shell, sounds like an honest mistake/material defect rather than something malicious. 
 Had a pair of pants made up at John K Tailoring on Magill road I've been very happy with. Took a pair of existing pants in and specified the alterations I wanted for the new pair (Added ~2in to the rise, etc), very impressed. Have not had a jacket made locally as I don't have a need. If you're looking for decent value suits, Adelaide Suits Direct in the CBD/South Road do decent half canvas suits at ~500 (Can generally get a second pair of pants in there too).
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