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 Can I throw my vote in for all eyelets too? As well as double danite, but that's more personal preference for double soles though.
 They are also GYW, rather than hand welted (bespoke not withstanding)
 Card case and kull excess keys? I'm not sure I'm that much of a fan of Ettinger, tbh. If memory serves their products are fabric lined and mostly glued, rather than stitched (although looking at Ovlov's picture, I may be wrong about the latter.). Have you looked into a smaller leather products producer? There are a million around and they should be able to deliver you a comparable product for substantially less, and will be saddle stitched rather than machine stitched.
Hrm, too small for me then . Good luck with the sale
Hi Ap,   Whats your standard brannock size? Would you size down for the chelseas half a size?
I used Shipito last week and was happy with the service. Quick postage and pretty cheap fees. You don't have to bother with all the account verification stuff unless you are using it a lot, I didn't do any other than PayPal some money in to pay for the fees.
    Vass will also do a danite sole.
  I organised one recently in the dedicated Australian Members thread, but it might be worth checking in there for interest.
  Any chance you can supply your cobblers details? I had not heard of any in Australia offering the service and it might be both a simpler and cheaper option than sourcing them myself.
New Posts  All Forums: