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I was under the impression Vass was based out of Hungary, which is EU, but not UK, no?
Malford has a nice Grey Herringbone cashmere jacket up for someone whos 40R    http://www.malfordoflondon.com/en/ralph-lauren-jackets/4393-ralph-lauren-corneliani-1450-pure-cashmere-grey-herringbone-jacket.html#
I agree theres at least two or three there. You have managed to snag some pictures of both double leather and rubber soles though, and colours do tend to change from major batch changes. My preference would lie with the RL Lindricks, though. If you can get them at a similar price as last year, which was around 650 USD iirc, you wouldn't be paying much more than calf.    All my cordovan does wear warmer than calf, but it isn't horrid. You wouldn't be wearing them in...
  I'd go one navy in a midweight, something with some texture, so it doesn't look like an orphaned suit coat. Then grab a dark grey, again something with texture.
Various pickups from their own threads:      
1.25" Belts in Black, Dark Havanna, Australian Nut and Burgundy. Hardware is satin stainless steel.  
Pair of loafers on the Forest last, Burgundy shell.      
My latest pair. 44.5 F-last, Oxblood U cap derbys.        
  Gerry, got anything on the Forest? Can you compare heels and instep to Forest?
  I was contemplating ordering the other day if you're happy to post?
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