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  Out of curiosity, with the relative ease of getting a pair of RMW resoled at the factory vs something like C&J or Carmina, wouldn't it be prudent to forgo the topy and just do a proper resole each time? I imagine this would preserve the shoe better than replacing the topy, if it can also be refreshed inside each time as well. For frame of reference, I have some pairs topy'd, some not. I tend to have it put on pairs which I need access to regardless the weather, so black...
Anyone want to try Kamakura and split an order with me?
Ah, did they get their restock?
  I was under the impression there was still a significant markup for both C&J and Carmina locally versus buying direct from manufacturer? 
Anyone heard from Rezso the last couple of days?
  My mistake, overhead shot looks rather pointy for Rain.
  I forget Wraith, are these MTM lasts etc? or just MTO on standard lasts?
http://yolowastaken.tumblr.com/ In his sig, but I know it doesn't show on some devices.
  Pretty sure the Farfetch pair are Simpson.   Anything on sale? :D
  Half canvas is fine.    If MJ Bale fits you well, or well with little tailoring, the suits in the 2for1k offer are a good buy. MJ Bale are a perennial favourite along with Herringbone around these parts.
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