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  The plastic used would be a heat formed plastic, which is 'set' into place on the last, so the toe and heel shapes remain how they were from the factory.    I imagine you're experience with the shoe becoming more comfortable as you wear it more, and specifically less heel slip, is that the leather is becoming easier to bend as time passes. Something which is easier to bend would need less force to bend, so your heel doesn't need to create as much friction to stay in...
  Alden use plastic too, I believe, unsure about Carmina, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was plastic too.
I will make my standard recommendation of Vass, but both Meermin and Loake are great options, both on danite, if I recall. Otherwise C&J have a couple both in brown suede, as do Carmina.
Whoops, missed that bit.    Try going through Luxire, and just making small alterations to a shirt you already have. I had good success at the start with just making a small shirt fit everywhere then changing the neck measurement to fit how I wanted, as this is my main problem with RTW shirts.
  So RTW doesn't fit you, and you don't want to spend the money for in-person MTM, tired online MTM yet? A jump from $50 to $75 is much less, but you get 90% of the fit.
Read the last couple of pages. There's been a lot of discussion of both PJ and Ascot Chang shirts. 
Received my shirt jacket from a couple of pages back today. Very pleased with the construction and fit. Will try and get a mini review up over the next couple of days. Would do it now, but my father has stolen my camera to attend a wedding tomorrow.
  It's not good practice. and tends to allow dirt and such to get into the cork footbed. A resole would be preferable. 
Any ideas what last the new chukka is on?
  I'm not sure whether Carmina boots are more desirable than Alden, per-se, but they don't seem to have the shortage of rare colours that Alden does, more stable lead times for restocks and such, and a host of pretty nice lasts. They're about even in quality I think, but it comes down to personal preference.
New Posts  All Forums: