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Luxire tend to accept a PayPal payment when they commence work on a garment.
  What are you using for glue? You should be using a contact cement, or a proper barge cement if you can find it. Apply to both surfaces and wait for it to go tacky, then bond them together. using a hammer or soft mallet to hammer them together should create a stronger bond, also. 
  You may want to try a rasp for shaping the cork. It will result in a coarser surface, but should allow you to shape it easily and quickly, then finish with paper.
  Will do.   As others have said, if you're cooking in a standard oven, I found getting a vented tray helped more than a dough recipe. Some swear by a pizza stone, but I've had better success with a vented tray.
I've seen some cobblers replacing the cork filling with a synthetic foam like alternative. I imagine the only downside is it wouldn't hold shape like cork would, but also wouldn't rot like cork would. Both have their advantages I guess.
  Nice to hear DM were willing to bring them back for you.
  Indeed it isn't. That's why all of the companies stock white and pale blue shirts, they just don't stock them (at the moment at least) in a plain poplin weave, or with button cuffs, or with OCBD. Spend the money to get exactly what you want, or make some concessions in other areas. *shrug*
    Sorry, but still don't feel you calling them retarded is justified. I assume considering the brands you listed you want all of this at a reasonable price too? Honestly the easiest option would be to go through an online MTM company, otherwise you'll be spending far more to get all of your desired combinations than you're willing to spend. 
  Aside from being a bit fashion forward at times, all of those brands have a mass of staple shirts that would be find for CBD wear (with the exception of maybe Country Road, who have gone all very slim/small collars, etc.) so I'm not sure where the 'retarded' comment is coming from?
  Starting point is some conditioner and a coloured cream. Get a wax polish if you need more shine. Shoe trees are a no brainer if you're dropping more than two or three hundred dollars on a pair of shoes. Start with that and learn from there.   Oh you'll need a couple of brushes too. Horsehair is the common material, although you can make do with an old cotton rag if you don't want to get brushes too.
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