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I've heard every couple of months to half a year. Depends how often you wear them and the conditions, really.
 Might be worth emailing Betty and seeing if they're making this boot in burgundy? http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=4582226 I know there's some other companies making shell boots, Trickers, Meermin, Septieme Largeur, if that helps. 
 Sales are your friend. RL is doing their sale atm, Lindricks for ~650ish before shipping. Alden shell is becoming overpriced for what it is, imo, but they are an accessible option. I'd be looking at Carmina at the moment with their free shipping offer. Vass shell is probably going to end up around $900 or so, which puts it out of the same sort of range as Carmina, Alden, etc, unfortunately.
I'll see if I can take a photo tomorrow, I have both you're talking about and find the Bakers much better as a burgundy belt than the burgundy Sedgwick, as strange as that sounds.
 Didn't notice those when I linked that, yoink.
Not sure if it's still relevant, but for those of you that were looking for a field jacket: Country Road seems to have a reasonable option in their outlet store.   http://outlet.countryroad.com.au/shop/menswear/clothing/casual-jackets-and-coats/60153447-3137/4-Pocket-Field-Jacket.html
 I took the same size on Rezso's recommendation. They fit very similarly, but with the P2 being slightly wider, and less elongated.
 Indeed. Quite ironic really, as I seem to remember him complaining on occasion of Foo's extravagance (particularly in regards to 'The One Shoe')
 Indeed. Luxire are exceedingly accommodating. In fact, I have a surprise coming in a month or so.
Indeed. If you like the styling of TOJ they're probably the best value for money out there atm.
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