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  MJ's measurements have them pretty close in length.
  Thankyou.     Will try and do something when I receive it.
x-post from the Luxire thread. I believe this is mine.    
  This looks like mine. Looking forward to it.
I believe they call dark brown shell antique congac, with mid brown being saddle, and then whiskey lighter again. Although I'm sure one of the members who proxies or Rezso would have more accurate information.
Those are lovely.
I am confused as to why they would mind their photos being used here? I've never heard of the brand, but they look well made and comfortable. 
I have the following from Equus on order, will let you know what it's like when it arrives.   http://www.equusleather.co.uk/index.php/Suede-Belts/The-Coudray-Suede-Belt/flypage.tpl.html
  I believe there is a middle area in types of leather which is a corrected-full grain finish, if that makes sense? One of the heavy hitters posted about it some time ago, that the amount of first grade black calf needed to produce all the new shoes for companies like AE or Loake out be outrageous, and that they suspected that it is still corrected to some degree, which would make it easier to shine. I apologise I can't reference the post, however.
Which fabric did you order?
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