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 Didn't notice those when I linked that, yoink.
Not sure if it's still relevant, but for those of you that were looking for a field jacket: Country Road seems to have a reasonable option in their outlet store.   http://outlet.countryroad.com.au/shop/menswear/clothing/casual-jackets-and-coats/60153447-3137/4-Pocket-Field-Jacket.html
 I took the same size on Rezso's recommendation. They fit very similarly, but with the P2 being slightly wider, and less elongated.
 Indeed. Quite ironic really, as I seem to remember him complaining on occasion of Foo's extravagance (particularly in regards to 'The One Shoe')
 Indeed. Luxire are exceedingly accommodating. In fact, I have a surprise coming in a month or so.
Indeed. If you like the styling of TOJ they're probably the best value for money out there atm.
Have a feeling they are Meermins.
 And with a shorter lifespan/more fragile construction, comparatively.
My understanding of the Goodyear process is that originally, it is as you described pB. The machine would cut its own holdfast from the insole (by slicing the insole and rotating the flap up to allow it to be stitched too), then the shoe was lasted and the welt stitched as normal. Over time, the canvas rib beat out the original process due to cost factors (one would assume). You then have hand welted shoes which use a different method to create their holdfast, using a...
 I wondered the same thing, and then took the same size. Instep is a little lower, fore foot a little wider, and around 5mm shorter, but with a more rounded toe. I'll try and take a comparison for you when its light out.
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