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 If it's the pair I'm thinking of, they are only running these guys about $150AUD.
 Standard last is fairly generous, if you're on the border of F and G normally, stick with F. 
Any idea of pricing for the Luxire jackets?
 They're billing in AUD now, seems to be similar price to other portals.
That reminds me, I still need to post up some photos of the jacket I had made by them a year or so back, was their first leather jacket iirc.
 Coles stocks Kiwi.
 In store, I believe.
 Quickest will probably be an AU stockist, Double Monk or Oscar Hunt. Best price will be through Valmour
 Saphir or this stuff from a forum affiliate, I believe.
 Would be an excellent option at 99, if they were priced at 99, what would a jacket cost from the same fabric? Would be good for workhorse suits, imo
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