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 I generally wear 10.5UK, do StC's fit true to general UK sizing or large/small? EDIT: 44.5 Vass F/P2, 10.5 Carmina Forest.
 I can't believe you would betray me like this. Is your pair in Shinki?
These threads improve my quality of life.
Steve, is there any black shell available at Carmina at the moment? Enough for a GMTO may haps?
Olfe, as it fits my feet best, but I understand them using the Rui for a fairly casual boot.
[[SPOILER]]  Are you feeling okay Oli?
 How much a shirt creases is less about how expensive it is, and more what the weave is. Heavier fabrics or fabrics with specific weaves will crease less than lighter weight fabrics. For instance, a smooth, light poplin weave will crease to all hell and back, whereas a somewhat textured, mid to heavy weight oxford weave will crease a lot less.  You won't get a recommendation below MJ Bale for suits around these parts, except maybe Suit Supply, but it's not because we're...
 Pity they're in the Rui. 
 That's two! Are you interested Steve?
 There are, and I'm easy. I'd prefer something muted, like purple/brown, but this isn't a deal breaker for me.  Dover makeup look's good, if I didn't already have a burgundy derby I'd go in for that.
New Posts  All Forums: