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 Having not bought a pair ot StC I'll assume you know better than I re pricing, still a damn sight cheaper than $6k, though. Are Karl's prices on par with online retailers?
 Don't believe so. Besides, you can probably make do with a MTM pair from StC if you're that desperate, should run you ~1500 or so from someone like Skoak.
Insoles are tacked to the last before lasting, generally with nails. Looks like they're just placing them there.
 Longwings. I find the 348 last too elongated, and dislike double monks, moreso with the addition of the stormwelt. Seems out of place on a fairly formal style, at least to my eyes.
Kiwi scotchguard/suede protector seems to work well enough for me.
 Measurements on moto?
 This was a recent change, and it caused quite some rukus. With the Euro falling they decided to charge all VAT-exempt sales in USD, so shoes which were ~130USD before shipping suddenly went to 180 or so overnight. If you look far back enough in the Meermin thread there was a bunch of discussion about it.
If theres a 38 left and anyone can proxy...
 Also interested, pending inseam on pants and jacket length 
RE: Wallets/Leather goods, worth noting the difference between machine stitching and hand, or, 'saddle' stitching. Unlikely to worry you over the expected lifespan of a wallet or something, but with how anal we are with details of most other things, why not be the same for leathergoods :P
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