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 Girl germs. 
 MJB pls, stahp.
 Would assume they have stopped taking MTO orders in favour of GMTOs and standard lines. They're still having problems delivering standard line shoes in a timely manner, stopping single MTOs should ease that pain, no?
Keep in mind the problems with Carmina's grain are recent, and are only the pebble grain, not the hatch grain leathers.
 'London' 5 eyelet modelBrown MuseumF lastSingle leather sole As a guess.
 I used Renomat.
I'd suggest trying to remove the factory finish if you're wanting a high shine. Mine came very dulled by it.
 A new mother or an M65?
 Try and hang your trousers by the waist if you can, rather than fold them over.
 You actually managed to change the colour of shell with polish? You must be some sort of demigod.  If it happens again you should just be able to strip if off, shell is notoriously hard to dye, recolour etc due to its fibre structure.
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