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 Because a longer stiffener would dig into the foot when the shoe flexes, is my understanding. 
 Take it up with Meermin. This isn't something a customer should be expected to fix. Mistakes and manufacturing defects happen, I'm sure they'll take care of it. A cobbler could likely fix it, or you could make and press in a new pin yourself. 
My proposal was:   Black or dark brown shell Chukka Hiro or Olfe lasts 360 flat welt Double leather or rubber soles.   Don't think there was much interest without significant deviation, though.
   I'd be happy with black or dark brown. Welt wise I was hoping for 360 degree flat. Soles I'm easy on so long as it's double.  Last wise the either the Hiro or Olfe are fine for me.  I was hoping for something to wear in place of a fairly clear derby, but in chukka boot form, which is where my makeup thoughts are coming from.
I really prefer the fit of boots, so I'm really only interested in a chukka.    I believe we need 6 people minimum.   Was thinking 3 eyelets, olfe, dark brown shell, double rubber sole. Could be talked into Hiro, but feel like Olfe will be a better fit for the boot.
 They do. I've been wanting to try go get a MTO going for some Hiro/Olfe lasted chukkas, preferably unlined, for a while, but there hasn't been much interest.
 Cordovan colour, not material.
 If that's a photoshop, well done.
 If you're in Adelaide or Melbourne, RHD is worth a stop in.  http://www.righthanddistribution.com/pages/about-us Pricing is on par with SelfEdge/BlueOwl
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