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 What are you thinking for the dark brown pair Steve? I was hoping for the perf cap with the commando sole, unlined shaft, all eyelets.
Depends if the spot is further ahead of you or not at the moment, you'll also get blacklisted for future orders.
 Refunds take weeks, as Drew has to do them, and they also get you blacklisted, so you can't order again. Spots sold retain their queue progression, and loyalty discounts if applicable.
All three are probably actually pretty representative of Carmina's saddle shell. Everyone outside of Alden seems to have a huge variance in what they receive from Horween from batch to batch with the same name, hop over the Vass thread for some more examples.  As far as the boots are concerned, what are you wanting them for? Carmina will make better boots for wear with suits, et al, but if you're wanting them for wear with jeans, etc, they'll do nicely.
 Think the second image is sand suede, not snuff.  Pity we don't have more for the chocolate brown. My current pair of dark brown suedes are on their way out and these would be excellent replacements.
Think he might have been referring to the versatility of the jumper, moreso than the longevity.
I'll put my hand in for dark brown if we have enough for that too. Double leather or dainite, or the commando sole, even.
 Is there any sizing information written on the box or inside the shoes?
 Back when Barneys carried G&G, they did the same thing, but would ship out half a UK size larger than was listed on the dropdown (11.5US, 10.5UK, would ship as 11UK for instance) so I assumed they did the same thing with C&J. Apparently not, and the 10.5UK pair that was there last night isn't there this morning.
So unlike G&G, Barneys actually ships the correct UK size from their listing? Whelp, that means I skipped over my size last night because I thought they would ship half a size too large. Dammit.
New Posts  All Forums: