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    The above leads me to believe that Skoak sized down an additional half a size in the chelsea? I may be misinterpreting things, though.
 So like third base then :P
 I THINK everyone was happy with the Rain. Although I also think we could use some help with sizing, have read a few people saying go 1/2 size down from your normal size for a chelsea.
 I'm not a huge fan of the proportions of the inca compared to the rain from what I've seen online, also there's quite a few pairs of inca lasted dark brown chelseas up on the B&S atm. 
 I'm down for a chelsea on rain, dark brown suede. Baked and MGD, would you consider rain? EDIT: Or simpson, now that I think about it.
I'd be in for dark brown if it's on the rain or soller.
Don't Tricker's use a non-Horween source for their Cordovan? Compei comes to mind.   A dark red/bungundy might suit, if you can find something with purple undertones. 
Is the U wing boot a balmoral or derby boot?
Will Carmina make a chelsea on the Oscar last? Might be a decent option for those of us with lower insteps? 
 RMW's chukkas? Can't think of anything else worth buying local unless you want to check out Carmina or C&J at Double Monk?
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