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 Can I take two pairs of Vass instead? Or a pair of Saint Crispins for similar cost (If memory serves, might be a little more than EG)?
Used, but with life still left in the soles. Standard J.Crew makeup (#8 shell, double leather soles, reverse welt.).    Pictures on request/to come.   Item located in Australia, happy to split shipping for those outside of Aus.
Anyone interested in a PTB on the Olfe? 5 eyelet, double soles, that sort of thing.
Pain in the ass question I'm sure for the veterans here, but will I be fine submitting body measurements for my first jacket? I guess I'm just cautious with how many people receive terrible fitting shirts when using body measurements with online MTM, but I realise it's also a completely different kettle of fish.
 I'd say 10UK.
 Are you being served?
 Sorry which piece of the sole is missing? Are you referring to the corner of the heel which has been removed? 
 Curious as to the construction method of them? Blake, Goodyear, Hand-welted?
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