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 A new mother or an M65?
 Try and hang your trousers by the waist if you can, rather than fold them over.
 You actually managed to change the colour of shell with polish? You must be some sort of demigod.  If it happens again you should just be able to strip if off, shell is notoriously hard to dye, recolour etc due to its fibre structure.
[[SPOILER]]  So many regrets. Should do a rerun of these when shells back in season.
 I thought you guys ordered derby boots?
 Disorb got samples of a lot of these, looks like they were all drum dyed through, from memory.
 No worries. Can I ask if you have a particularly high instep? How does the chelsea relate to a shoe or boot on the Soller last?
So, final specs for dark brown chelsea.   Rain last Dark brown (chocolate) suede Flat welt Single danite sole Pull tab at top of shaft at rear of boot (believe this is standard, no pull tab needs specifying)     Essentially the above, but in dark brown suede.
 Happy with danite, would probably prefer leather, but happy with danite. Flat welt btw?
 No idea on price. Here's a picture borrowed from Unipair.  Lads, no pull tabs, yeah?
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