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[[SPOILER]]  Are you feeling okay Oli?
 How much a shirt creases is less about how expensive it is, and more what the weave is. Heavier fabrics or fabrics with specific weaves will crease less than lighter weight fabrics. For instance, a smooth, light poplin weave will crease to all hell and back, whereas a somewhat textured, mid to heavy weight oxford weave will crease a lot less.  You won't get a recommendation below MJ Bale for suits around these parts, except maybe Suit Supply, but it's not because we're...
 Pity they're in the Rui. 
 That's two! Are you interested Steve?
 There are, and I'm easy. I'd prefer something muted, like purple/brown, but this isn't a deal breaker for me.  Dover makeup look's good, if I didn't already have a burgundy derby I'd go in for that.
Olfe/Hiro 3 eyelet chukka in dark brown, double danite, flat welt.    Essentially this in dark brown shell:     How many have we got interested in something like this?
 I think the general practice is to have a full rubber heel, rather than a sole cover put over leather, for the heel. I know Vass does Vibram commando soles, maybe see if they're put a heel from one of those on for you?
 Where are you sourcing your Kangaroo from, been looking for some for some leatherworking.
 What are you thinking for the dark brown pair Steve? I was hoping for the perf cap with the commando sole, unlined shaft, all eyelets.
Depends if the spot is further ahead of you or not at the moment, you'll also get blacklisted for future orders.
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