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 I assume so. Black, burgundy, dark brown, light brown, are Vass staples.
 Vass do produce a 5 eyelet derby, I believe it's called the 'London' model. Should be easily produced, but Vass don't do a split welt like on that Alden model, only flat welts or norwegian welts, so you'll have to pick between.  Last wise the F last should suit you. It's Japanese more than Italian, but it's fairly sleek.
 I was under the impression it was just Meermin using more of the hides to economise the production, which lead to poorer quality leather being used for certain portions? Be interested to hear if Ileca was actually sending lower quality hides out during their hiatus.
AS has done odd size, as well as odd width pairs, as part of GMTO's, so I can't see why they wouldn't do it in a single MTO. 
 I heard a little under 1k EUR including VAT recently.
 inb4 hatchgrain.
 Looks like we're up to $50USD now, but even that's still not bad. Might try out a pair of boots!
 Can you offer a guide on what cost is likely to be for MTM shoes over their webstore prices? I assume webstore pricing is their RTW/MTO?
Anyone interested in a dark brown shell chukka? Olfe last, double leather soles?
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