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I'd be in for dark brown if it's on the rain or soller.
Don't Tricker's use a non-Horween source for their Cordovan? Compei comes to mind.   A dark red/bungundy might suit, if you can find something with purple undertones. 
Is the U wing boot a balmoral or derby boot?
Will Carmina make a chelsea on the Oscar last? Might be a decent option for those of us with lower insteps? 
 RMW's chukkas? Can't think of anything else worth buying local unless you want to check out Carmina or C&J at Double Monk?
 Azzaro for pants? RMW's for boots maybe?
Same family, different family members at the head of each company. Companies have no affiliation with each other, and produce shoes in different factories.
 That is a very strange logo from Braddon Tailors.
 Nix the arm pocket, make the chest pockets horizontal maybe?
 These are shell, yeah? Looks like a dye mark, if so.
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