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What sort of price are we expecting to be able to get if we get a dozen or so shoes ordered? 
Not overly. Capturing colour which is almost identical to that of the real life article for display on screen is fairly simple, the issue is you no have control over how people are viewing said image. Very few computer screens these days are calibrated to reflect colours accurately, and even fewer of those are calibrated often enough to make it worthwhile, similarly, people view screens in broad daylight, pitch black, and everywhere in between, which can have an effect...
 Also, maybe. 
Nothing in mine either. 
Those cobblestones are hard to forget, we have little to nothing like that in Australia. :)
Crat, is this your picture?  
Indeed, I am the same way with my preference from double soles to single. I'm not sure what NAMOR had in mind for his vision? I can't participate unfortunately not having tried on the rain last, but it looks like a good boot at the moment.
 This was my understanding as well, the closest things with a leather waist are the York, Tomir and Commando soles, yes?
Just to clarify, you mean with a leather waist portion, as the Tomir/Commando soles from Carmina are made, or as a double Danite sole, with welt, then leather midsole, then Danite outsole? 
 Are differences in construction a reasonable course to take? :P
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