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Gents: Giannis, half a size down from Marlow Wingtips?
 Hey I didn't know you could buy Barrie last blanks 
 About the same for me. Putting aside hand vs goodyear welting (I'll leave the relative merits of either out of here, it's been talked to death already.), the calf is similar, maybe an edge to Vass, Vass has more flexability with designs, but C&J finishing/antiquing is better. Vass you can't try on but Rezso is great to deal with, you'll also be waiting 4-6 weeks even if you order a stock style as they keep little inventory.  I like Vass, personally, as the lasts fit me...
 Think you submit your makeup, then get a price back, then confirm/pull out.
 This was done for me without asking on both of my single sole pairs. 
 I would suggest avoiding the Uetam last if you are an extrawide in the Rain, they seem to be polar opposites in terms of fits as far as lasts go (Uetam/Simpson are long and slim, Rain is shorter and wider).
I believe with both fused and unfused collars Luxire allows you to pick between soft/med/hard, or however you'd like to phrase it. Fused lends itself better to dress shirts, as the lining won't shift, whereas an unfused lining is more comfortable, but can show wrinkles more easily, and is harder to iron well.    This is just my understanding, I'm sure theres more to it.
 Carmina has weird designations for its last in standard widths, if memory serves the Forest is either E or EE, with Rain being EE, Simpson E, etc. In addition to this they also offer wider or narrower sizes in Forest and Rain, which would become EE and EEE respectively. It's a completely different system to what AE or Alden use, for example.  If you want to read more, there's a 'Official Carmina Sizing Thread' somewhere on the forum, but the standard idea is to go one...
 I think there's also 'natural' shell, which is lighter again than whiskey/saddle/etc.  I've found the main differences between the different hues of each colour of shell are the undertones: Of dark brown shell, congac is a simple brown, whereas cigar has olive undertones. Similar differences exist between saddle and whiskey. There are also just general colour variations between batches.  If you want a particular colour, ask Rezso to match the shell to it. I asked for a...
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