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Nike type sneakers or CP type sneakers?
 You're right, I'd likely be traveling mid August (although July is tempting to try and shop some international mid year sales), for 3 weeks all up, which I imagine would end up being around 2-2.5 weeks not including travel time? In regards to area, that's somewhere I was hoping for help with. I've not traveled since I was a toddler, but my first thought would be France/Spain/Italy? They're in reasonably close proximity which I imagine should help with the fairly short...
Thought I'd ask the worldly travelers of the thread for some advice regarding an overseas holiday. Am hoping to spend a few weeks in Europe post graduation, before starting gainful employment, anywhere anyone would recommend? Would love to check out some fabric mills/tanneries/wholesalers around there, as well as the general touristy things if anyone has any recommendations for Europe. Travel plans are currently entirely undecided, so any and all suggestions are welcomed.
 Might be worth looking into the XE-1 if you're missing interchangeable lenses that much. All reports are the Fuji X line of cameras are fantastic in every regard.
 Indeed it is, but the whole, lenses adding silly bulk thing plagued all of the mirrorless and m4/3 cameras (Nikon 1, Sony NEX, Various Panasonics, etc.). Primes are a good solution, but they still add a fair bit of bulk unless you can get pancakes, I guess. 
NEX will serve you well, but will probably still be a pain in the ass to carry around on travel, as it still suffers from having the lens stick fairly far out of the body. Have you handled any of the mirrorless cameras?
 This is my understanding of 'drop' too (difference between jacket chest and pant waist), I can only imagine that a sports jacket with a drop measurement refers to the waist of the jacket?
Sorry for the thread crapping, but still clearing out some shooz for those who are of larger feet.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/339751/new-big-drops-3-12-2013-aus-shoes-alden-loake-grenson-meermin/0_100
 Another option will probably muddy the waters more than anything else, but the Fuji X100(s), Ricoh GR, etc are great cameras for the price at the moment. They have APS-C sensors (the same with what's in most DSLRs) with a fixed lens around 35mm, which gives a view similar to what is seem to the naked eye (maybe a little wider). They're great cameras which can easily fit in a pocket, but they don't have any zoom to speak of. 
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