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 What tipped you off?
 I've always found poplin to wear very warm, in comparison to other weaves. 
 GFW version is derby, not balmoral.
 Nope. Synth got the prototype with larger shoulders, the prototype with narrower shoulders and shorter sleeves in on order now.
  I've still yet to post a review, but I was quite pleased with the leather jacket Luxire made me. You'll have to talk to Theresa about a quote, but the work they did was rather nice, and were happy to update me when asked, etc.
 At least an 8.5. Uetam is similar to Simpson, which is generally half, sometimes a full size up from Soller.
 Depends what you're wanting to do, I should be able to shed some light. I will say stay away from plumbing and any wiring work, however. Pretty much everything is illegal to do yourself these days, and it's also shithouse work a lot of the time.
 Earlier order date.
Still got a spot for sale. 
 Interesting. Lower instep with a bit more final toe width might work very well for me. Interested to see how this ends up.
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