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 Depends what you're wanting to do, I should be able to shed some light. I will say stay away from plumbing and any wiring work, however. Pretty much everything is illegal to do yourself these days, and it's also shithouse work a lot of the time.
 Earlier order date.
Still got a spot for sale. 
 Interesting. Lower instep with a bit more final toe width might work very well for me. Interested to see how this ends up.
 Depends what size you are but http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-chelsea-boot-in-black-calf, my size is sold out so I was trying to organise a rerun here.
 Carmina make chelseas on Simpson which may suit you?
 Happy to do a rerun of those if people are keen.
Any interest in a boot (chelsea, short boot, chukka) on Simpson last? Hoping for black calf or brown suede, but option to options.
 Carmina until recently had stock of a dark brown suede chelsea on Simpson in their webstore, the last couple of sizes have moved to the odd sizes sale.
Selling a full leather spot in non-black. PM for deers
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