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Pain in the ass question I'm sure for the veterans here, but will I be fine submitting body measurements for my first jacket? I guess I'm just cautious with how many people receive terrible fitting shirts when using body measurements with online MTM, but I realise it's also a completely different kettle of fish.
 I'd say 10UK.
 Are you being served?
 Sorry which piece of the sole is missing? Are you referring to the corner of the heel which has been removed? 
 Curious as to the construction method of them? Blake, Goodyear, Hand-welted?
 Indeed. I believe Ovlov was looking for a DJ's which sells them however, as there was a promotion to get first quality pairs at ~$190, rather than the 425 or so retail.
Stupidly, the DJ's website lists the Rundle Mall store as an RMW's stockist.
 Fairly sure there is?
 It shouldn't be any different, the only problem I can think of that you might have is the poor quality of the leather vs. the stuff we're used to dealing with shoes. I've noticed the colour coming off on the tongue of one of my pairs where they rub on the lining of the shoe. Although if you picked up a pair of Common Projects or something you probably wouldn't have that problem, but you'd also be spending so much it wouldn't make sense to dye them yourself.  Darker is...
 These? http://outlet.countryroad.com.au/shop/menswear/footwear/kirton-sneaker-60148261 Oh wait these? http://www.countryroad.com.au/shop/man/footwear/60156132/Lamont-Leather-Sneaker.html They produced the former in navy, brown and grey, I believe. Jason pointed them out a few months back after I posted a link to the CR outlet store for Gerry. Not sure why they only produced the latter in grey... In regards to changing their colour, you'd certainly be able to do it. If the...
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