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 Any chance of another TL split? :3
The Baker's AusNut is a really lovely companion, imo.
 Queens, I think. Toe is pointed, rather than squared off like Simpsons is.
 Only issue with this is if the nails damage the welt, insole or holdfast/gemming. 
You can get away with using the convex side of a teaspoon, if you don't have a bone on hand.
 What last, Leaves?
 Imo, once you've worn a hole in the sole, you need to resole, and in doing so replace the filler in-between while doing so. Have seen a few shoes topied once holes have been worn in, and the cork rots away inside. Would have been fine to topy with a thin sole, sans hole, but I'd strongly suggest replacing the sole before doing anything else.
What is the instep like on the R last in comparison to the U?
 Single MTO, GMTO or stock item?
Probably shouldn't be putting the link here.
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